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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Point Of No Return

I'm at a threshold with Heaven And Hell at the moment. I'm in Chapter Eight, titled "Waking the Demons". My terrorist group and resident antagonists, the Covenant, have just pulled off a dramatic high profile assassination in England. They're planning on doing another one very shortly. And they're about to embark on the plot that leads to the Very Bad Thing that becomes the centerpiece of the book.

Up until this point, the Covenant has been committing terrorist acts, murdering select targets in keeping with its agenda. Unlike other terrorist groups in the Middle East, they have not resorted to suicide bombing (it would deplete their ranks pretty quickly, after all), but have acted in a ruthless, methodical manner, dispatching targets from the shadows. They make no grand rants on video, but only briefly take credit for their actions before slipping back into the shadows.

And with their latest act abroad, the tensions in the Middle East are growing ever more. Which, of course, will draw in my protagonists. All of the key players have now been introduced (aside from Mrs. Deus Ex Machina, to be introduced in the final chapter; no, I'm just kidding). The game is afoot, and the board is set.

I really can't go into detail, of course. Regardless, these terrorists are very shortly to embark on a plan that's going to drive all of that tension into the perfect powder keg. Ready to go off, at any moment. Which reminds me, I have to find a powder keg or two for them to use in the Very Bad Thing.....

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