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Monday, December 2, 2013

A Day In The Life Of A Dog

Before starting out today, links for your consideration and perusal. First off, yesterday was a Snippet Sunday for several bloggers, and you can find Norma's post with a brief passage right at that link. As well, at our joint blog, we posted a Snippet Sunday post as well. Go and check them both out, and comment on them!

We are now in December, and what better way to start things out with a couple of dog and cat blogs? Particularly with the Christmas season now upon us? So without further ado, let us begin....

7:22 AM. Morning has broken, as they say, and I now wake up out of a good sleep. Dreamed of chewing on a big stewing bone.

7:35 AM. Good morning, human! How are you this fine day? How about a bit of breakfast? I am feeling rather peckish, you know....

7:40 AM. Busy wolfing down my kibbles. Yum yum yum! I have not yet bested my personal best record of eating breakfast quickly, but my time will come...

7:43 AM. The human lets me out the door to go for my run. I'll see you later, human!

8:10 AM. Running through the snow in the backfields, barking my head off like a delirious lunatic. Life is good!

8:45 AM. Sniffing around the perimeter of the farm. I think a skunk passed through sometime last night, but at least nothing startled it. Skunks getting startled? It never ends well.

It's even worse than cats getting startled. 

9:15 AM. Back home. Barking at back door. 

9:16 AM. The human lets me back in. I am met by the smell of delicious baking. I think she's been making cookies.

Oh boy!

9:20 AM. My nose is being overwhelmed by yummy smells of sugar and flour and cookie dough. I'm positively drooling. More than usual.

9:35 AM. Watching the human baking. She's sprinkling sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles. I glance at the calendar. Oh, that's right... Christmas is this month, and that means plenty of baking.

Have I been a good dog this year?

10:15 AM. Now she's prepping peanut butter cookies. My drooling continues. I must perfect the sad eyes mooching look when she happens to glance my way. I love the taste of freshly baked cookies.

10:20 AM. The human takes some cookies out of the oven. I manage to mooch three of them. Red and green sprinkles are just like icing on the cake.

I wonder if the human's going to make some cake....

11:40 AM. I realize now that the meaning of life is very simple. It comes down to a very simple fact: the smell of baking cookies is the meaning of life.

12:05 PM. I have managed to mooch more cookies from the human. My sad eyes look has been perfected.

Human, have you ever thought of adding some dog food into the recipes? I am sure it would go over very well indeed.

12:15 PM. The human is still baking. I wonder if she's going to have lunch? 

Am I hungry for lunch? I've had quite a few cookies already...

12:30 PM. The human is having lunch. Despite my uncertainty about my appetite, I gladly swallow a couple of dinner rolls the human gives me. 

1:40 PM. Time for a nap. The human is still baking, but I've had my fill. 

Time to sleep it off for awhile....

4:10 PM. Waking up from my nap. Dreamed of chasing that annoying squirrel. The house smells like freshly baked cookies.

I think my appetite has returned.

4:45 PM. The human is putting cookies into freezer bags. Hey, wait a minute, how about leaving them out for me to have some? Why can't you just keep baking more all month long?

5:05 PM. All of the cookies are down in the freezer downstairs. And unfortunately I can't open that thing.

Oh well. Anticipation is all the better when you know how tasty food is.

6:35 PM. The human is having lasagna for dinner. She won't give me any- she mentions the spaghetti incident- but at least gives me a bit of a treat- a  plate with dinner rolls dabbled in tomato sauce.

How long are we going to hold the spaghetti incident against me?

6:40 PM. My appetite is sated by dinner. At least til the next time I feel hungry.

8:10 PM. The human is settling down by the fireplace to read. I settle in beside her on the couch and get a belly rub for good measure.

That's another meaning of life: belly rubs.

11:00 PM. The human turns on the news. The former premier of Italy has just been arrested for bribery, extortion, fraud, and jaywalking. He is perpwalked across the screen, a very short and very ugly man with a smirk on his face. He says something along the lines of what's the big deal? I'm Italian! 

Humans are strange people, human.

11:46 PM. The human is turning out the lights before heading up the stairs. Good night, human. I'm staying down here for awhile. Maybe I can figure out a way to break into that freezer downstairs. Christmas cookies are ever so tempting, after all...


  1. Oh, this is so cute. I love dogs! And the little white puppy is a winner.
    Have a good week!

    PS: thanks for the tip

  2. So many cute pics. The story cracked my up more though. Emma loves to be in the kitchen with me whenever I'm cooking. If I drop anything, she snatches it at the speed of lightening!!

  3. Very cute. I've given two belly rubs this morning and I think more are on the way.

  4. Oh wow, the Sherlock Holmes dog cracked me up!! And your poor dog who can't open the freezer and still isn't forgiven from the spaghetti incident! hehehe

  5. Hey dog! Oscar can open freezer doors..can you open cat treat packets? Willing to trade skills?
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  6. @Angelika: thank you!

    @Krisztina: that's what a dog is for!

    @Eve: Belly rubs are always called for.

    @Kelly: isn't Iron Dog a cutie?

    @Padded Cell: somehow the Spaghetti Incident seemed to just come to me...

    @Real Maple Syrup Mob: Loki the dog will get back to you.

  7. The labralanche just kills me! Oh goodness, dying of cuteness:)

  8. That pug has identity issues--first he was the Hulk, then he was Bane. Next, he'll think he's Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds!

  9. The Department of Home Security reminds me of my home last Christmas.

    My son and daughter-in-law train Mals and Belgian Shepherds and we had ONE photo with their dog. I'm telling you, that was an amazing photo.

    Those dogs are amazing. :)

  10. Love the Tony Stark dog :) And I'm about to bake a bunch of Christmas cookies--yum!

  11. @LondonLulu: it's epic cuteness!

    @Norma: Fluffy's in a league all by himself!

    @Diane: thank you!

    @Meradeth: Iron Dog is getting a lot of attention!

  12. I just said the same thing William...lead me not into temptation..oh hell I'm going in, it was ice-cream :)) very entertaining doggy 'tail'!!

  13. The smell of cookies baking is indeed the meaning of life.

  14. Love your dog blogs almost as much as the cat blogs!


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