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Friday, December 6, 2013

Tell Us Where You Hid The Diamonds, Mr. Kendall

One item of business to see to first. Check out our joint blog for a naughty Without A Word post. Now then, today I'm returning to co-host a Friday blog with Hilary Grossman, having had given her previous suggestions on the four questions she asks each Friday. You can find her blog at Feeling Beachie. Follow that link to see other answers to these questions.

So then, these things always involve four statements or questions with fill in the blanks. Here they are for this week:

1. Have you ________ yet?

2. I was born in ______

3. I have never _______, at least as far as I know.

4. I can't stand ________

So then, my answers to these questions and or statements, preferably without prodding from Mr. Bauer...

Have you been to the other side of the mountain yet? No, I'm enjoying the view hanging from the side of Mount Doom, but give me time...

I was born in a haze of hollering and yelling and someone cursing my father's name, and then got smacked on the bottom by a doctor who I've been chasing after ever since just to get even.

I have never known any such thing as an honest politician, at least as far as I know. It's all rumor and conjecture, based on wild stories of fictional accounts and deluded hopes.

I can't stand Rob Ford. I mean, have you been paying attention to the news?

There we have it. Now, about those diamonds... Did I say diamonds? Forget I mentioned anything about that.


  1. Well, it took forever to get the comment box up with the iPhone. Now what was I going to say?

    Hmm... Jack Bauer at the pearly gates? Sir Wills hanging from Mount Doom? Wow!

    Hugs and chocolate!

  2. I'm confessing to nothing...but your answers are tres amusing!

  3. Love the Jack Bauer pictures. I miss 24.

  4. @Shelly: with Jack at the pearly gates, I'm doomed.

    @Norma: thank you!

    @Yvonne: so do I!

    @Eve: they certainly are!

    @Kelly: he's evaded me for years, but he can't hide forever!

  5. Your answers are too funny. I miss Jack Bauer. Good times.

  6. No Jack Bauer needed! Haha, loved your answers too - thank you for that chuckle:)

  7. Politicians can't be honest. They're trying to get elected. lol

    My campaign speech:

    The world is screwed up, but if you elect me, I'll be honest with you when something else screws up. We'll all be accountable together and it'll get fixed. That's my promise as leader of this great nation.

    p.s. I bet I get elected. LOL

  8. Ha - love how you did this!
    happy to be here, at the end of all things - to see your amusing answers.

    I still have to watch 24.
    don't hurt me.

  9. Thanks for co-hosting!
    I love your "where were you born" answer! You always crack me up… And Rob Ford… OH MAN!

  10. Yeah, we've heard of your mayor even down here!


  11. @Lisa: thank you!

    @LondonLulu: you're welcome!

    @Diane: that'd be too honest!

    @Rory: you must remedy that post haste!

    @Hilary: thank you!

    @Cheryl: just when you think that dimwitted drug addled idiot can't stoop any lower... I'm expecting him to say, "Sure, I snorted human ashes mixed with some coke, but I was having one of my drunken stupors."

  12. The view from the other side of Mt. Doom isn't too bad. Promise. :)

  13. Not many can withstand a Jack Bauer interrogation :) wonder how much he'd charge to do a couple of jobs here in Perth :))

  14. Bet that doctor's living on the other side of the mountain! LOL! Take care

  15. Jack Bauer, better bring help, for there is a lot of bad guys out there...and they seem to want to gather in one State.
    Poor kitty...Don't tell him anything kitty !!!
    Like those legs in the shower though...LOL

    1.Ever thought about how it would feel to live a life without so much turmoil ?

    2.The 50's,where life was a much slower pace, and not the hell it is now.

    3.hurt another living soul

    4.where our country is heading for, and knowing I do not have the power to do anything about it...knowing ,even if I call our elected leaders, they are all cool aid drinkers and will follow the pied piper.
    What Diamonds, they are not even in my real world.
    Merry Christmas...Oh I forgot,
    I'm told I am not allowed to say Merry Christmas anymore...
    Happy Holidays,
    Marie Antoinette...Yes! Its my real name, for 62 yrs now


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