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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bring Me The Head Of The Composer Of Feliz Navidad

Before starting anything, some links to see to. Norma has another Snippet Sunday post up at her blog. Have a peek at our joint blog for our Snippet Sunday post, as well as for our naughty Christmas post. The misadventures of two dogs and a trouble causing elf continue here and here at Shelly's blog (and will no doubt continue through Christmas). Check out Krisztina's recipe for gingerbread pancakes right here. And have a peek at the year in review of the magnificent cat Audrey's facial expressions. She's such a character. Speaking of cats, say hello to the sleepy Lucy. And The Real Maple Syrup Mob pack of felines also sends their Christmas best. Finally, have a look over at my photoblog by clicking on the cat to the right... I've been busy taking Christmas related shots.

It is Christmas Eve, so of course I must mark the day with a whole horde of  cartoons, cute pics, and editorial cartoons for Christmas. As to that title, well, let's just say there is a Christmas tune more annoying than The Twelve Days of Christmas, and it is Feliz Navidad. 

 I will be back sometime between Christmas and New Year's with a blog on the year end address of a former world leader who's had something of a rough year. One of those "did I actually write that?" sort of posts...

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel!

And if Santa happens to be coming down your chimney tonight with coal, hold him ransom til Mrs. Claus pays up. Hey, you were getting coal anyway, so it's not as if you have anything to lose...


  1. My wife absolutely despises that song -- apparently she heard it to excess while studying Spanish for four years.

  2. Merry Kissmyass almost made up for the annoying tune now stuck in my brain!!
    Jane x

  3. That first cat with the reindeer antlers is adorable!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I'm just contrary enough to love Feliz Navidad, it is welcome in my head.

    Merry Christmas William!

  5. The frowning cat must be a popular breed. I see it everywhere. lol

  6. Super fun. Love the red shirt Santa. Going to barrow that one from you. And eating that weird little elf on the shelf. Great stuff.

    Boogie boogie.

  7. I just knew Grumpy Cat would make the cut! They're selling Grumpy Cat Christmas cards on their website....

  8. I totally left a store the other day solely because they were playing Feliz Navidad. I couldn't handle it :)

    Totally cracked up at all of these cartoons! Hope you have a great holiday!

  9. Watson and thehamish want to thank you !

    the nice tall person who writes funny blog...

    Because there are SCOTTIES !
    Love the Santa with the sleeping Scotties. I miss my puppies Scotties.
    The surprised kitty that can't be a reindeer... so sweet.
    And I am a witch enough to wish every Happy Holiday .... a Merry Christmas back.
    I too despise Feliz Navaidad unfortunately it gets played non-stop around here too, Ack !
    I am now turning on A Charlie Brown Christmas to scrub that song from my brain. Thanks a lot William.
    Naughty naughty. I thought you liked us ?

    Have a lovely Christmas
    cheers, gayle
    woof Watson and thehamish.

  10. Merry kissmyass--er-Christmas, William (Grumpy gets me every time, darn him!!!!)

  11. Got two ten-year-olds here who've gone around singing Deck the halls with catnip mousies all afternoon after seeing your blog!

  12. I loved the Star Trek one! They were all good. I still don't know how you have time to find them all!

  13. @Mark: Emily and I can relate!

    @Jane and Chris: mentioning the song title is sharing the pain!

    @Kelly: I wonder how long the antlers lasted...

    @Lynn: well, we can't all agree on the dislike for that song...

    @Diane: Grumpy Cat, or Tardar Sauce as she's also called, is infamous!

    @Whisk: thank you!

    @Norma: Grumpy Cat rules!

    @Meradeth: thanks!

    @Parsnip: Scotties are too adorable!

    @Lorelei: Grumpy cat cannot be resisted!

    @Cheryl: are they using the ornaments for batting practice?

    @Mari: it does take time!


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