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Monday, August 19, 2013

Yes, But It's A Dry Heat

Two items of business to see to before the mischief of the day. Have a look over at Glynis Smy's blog The Virtual Bookcase, where Norma's story An Army Of Angels is profiled. And go on over to our joint blog, where we have a Without A Word blog playing around with the television series Sherlock. Fans of Mr. Cumberbatch shall be amused...

Now then, as to today, well, the subject at hand is a pressing one. So without further ado, shall we begin?

I agree with Tardar Sauce. Summer is a seemingly endless ordeal. This summer's not been quite the normal one here. Plenty of rain, few heat waves. Though it's hot enough today. And with summer drawing to a close in the coming weeks (hallelujah!!!), winter can't be that far behind, right?

Soon enough we'll be dressed like this fellow below. Most of you will be complaining for some inexplicable reason. I don't know, I can't quite figure out why...

And so I leave you with an assortment of funny pics marking the summer. Enjoy!


  1. Oh, love that grumpy cat!

    The dogs are pretty funny, too.

    But the penguin is my favorite!

  2. I can't decide which of the critter pics I like best!

    I hate winter...but I'm not overly fond of extreme heat, either. Give me spring or fall (I like fall best).

  3. Thank you! Those brought a chuckle and a smile or two.

  4. How cute is that squirrel? Love him.

  5. I'm sad that summer is coming to a close but your funny pictures helped lesson the pain!

  6. Great weather! Perfect! Ideal! Fabulous! Wonderful! Marvelous! Magical! Brilliant! Amazing! Terrific!Long live summer!
    Jane x

  7. I'll admit I love the summer, even the heat. I'm not a fan of bundling up :) Granted, the fire season that's choking us all with smoke right now, yeah, could really handle that going the way of all the earth!

  8. Oh all of you crack me up! Today was 110 degrees with high humidity. :)
    Cute photos. I especially like the melting dog.

  9. Autumn wouldn't be so bad -- except for the cursed hell of winter that follows it. Speaking of which, hell isn't a lake of fire: It's an eternal midwest blizzard.

  10. Fun post! The only good thing about summer is the opprotunity to swim with a bear.

  11. That melting dog is freaking hilarious! :D

  12. Blasphemous! This summer has not been nearly hot enough. I am lamenting its near end. :(

  13. Every one a laugh William..I'm with you..summer, who needs it, especially when you get winters like ours in Perth, perfect :)

  14. The melting dog just got me! And I've seen squirrels do that. Ah, thanks for the laugh. Will I too miss missing the heat? I'm sure of I will:)

  15. @Cheryl: isn't it just the cutest penguin?

    @Norma: they're all good!

    @Mari: you're welcome!

    @Kelly: it's adorable.

    @Deb: thanks!

    @Jane and Chris: wait til you see the next blog...

    @Meradeth: fire isn't fun, even at a distance....

  16. @Eve: Melting dogs get so much awwws!

    @Mark: that sounds rather like my idea of heaven.

    @Lynn: just make sure you keep an eye on the bear.

    @Diane: isn't it?

    @Carla: I won't miss it!

    @Grace: what's a winter like without snow?

    @LondonLulu: thank you!

  17. wahahahahahahahahaha !
    Love the photos especially the Moose.

    cheers, parsnip

  18. I'm so ready for fall...pumpkins, baking, the holidays, and of course cooler weather. I enjoyed summer this year, but I can't wait for it to cool down. I actually had a dream about snow last night.:)

  19. it's the Canadian way to complain or at least talk about the weather! ;-)

  20. Thanks for mention of The Virtual Bookcase!

    UK has experienced hot weather this year, just to welcome me back from eight years of scorching Cyprus sun. :)I do not miss the searing heat.

  21. As always, your pics are hilarious. The melting dog was awesome!

  22. Awww. The pic of the animals under the car is too much.

    It's unbreatheably hot outside here today. I hope my AC doesn't kick it.

  23. @Parsnip: thank you!

    @Krisztina: snow is always good to dream of!

    @RedPat: it certainly is!

    @Glynis: the heat must be avoided at all costs!

    @Auden: thanks!

    @Christine: they're smart animals, seeking the shade!


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