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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Captain Solo And The Emergency Landing

Some links before I get started today. Norma had a post on gadgets. Yesterday having had been a Friday, Parsnip had a Square Dog Friday post. Eve had spring poetry. Krisztina had a recipe. And Mark had a proposed cover for an upcoming ebook.

Now then, today I have another in my occasional series of assorted oddball memes and pics. Enjoy!


  1. OMG! Best day of my life! That's darling. Also the meerkats.

    I wonder if the gods were photographed at lunch break on the studio lot.

  2. I love the raccoon--makes me think of Rocket!

    And how DID the graffiti artists get up there???

    Best Saturday ever !
    Love love love the meerkats looking into the lens. Then there is the racoon and ....oh hell I love them all.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I do see graffiti in certain places and it does make me wonder how it happened. Did someone do it first and then it got built? I know some dumb ass didn't hang down on a bungee chord and do it. :D

  5. Yeah, real golfers would play through, even as the guy crashes his plane on 18th hole. That's a hard-core golfer for sure!
    Loved it, William!

  6. @Petrea: that could be!

    @Norma: I sometimes wonder!

    @Parsnip: epic cuteness this time out.

    @Kelly: very happy!

    @Diane: I would actually think it's a dumbass on a bungee cord.

    @Lorelei: I thought of that event and the plane crash became something of a running joke this time out.

  7. Oh my! Great start to the day!

  8. Sir Wills, what are those orange critters staring at each other. I've never seen one.


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