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Monday, March 16, 2015

Beware The Drunken Leprechaun

Some links before I get started today. Norma had a profile on Carole Morden at her blog. Cheryl had eye issues. Shelly had one of the hounds feature Lorelei  at her blog, while Lorelei posted about a giveaway she has going on.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and so I am marking the occasion with a motley assortment of images. Also take a look at my photoblog, where I'm featuring pics from our St. Patrick's Day parade. Enjoy!


  1. hahahahahaaha Irish Scotties hahahahahaaaaaaaa
    Grumpy cat eating the leprechaun was fabulous !
    Thanks for the giggle.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Everyone has my permission to have an extra drink for me since I can't drink.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  3. Grumpy Cat eating the leprechaun...awesome. Too funny!

  4. Thank you for reminding me to wear green tomorrow. My mom would be disappointed if I didnt.

  5. Poor, poor critters being made up to be all green and sht. Don't drink any green beer or it will literally turn green, you know what? :)

  6. @Parsnip: thanks!

    @Shelly: I don't drink either.

    @Scarlett & James: Grumpy Cat has no shame.

    @Auden: Grumpy ate him in self defense.

    @Jennifer: thanks!

    @Kelly: I have all of two items that have green in them: a t-shirt and a scarf with some green.

    @Diane: yikes!

  7. Hee hee hee!

    I love the "May the road rise up to meet your face" one!

  8. @Cheryl: Grumpy Cat is such a character.

    @Meradeth: aren't they cute?

    @Whisk: thanks!

    @Grace: that meme comes in so handy.

    @Lynn: Grumpy always is!

  9. LOL!!! The Grumpy Cat ones are hilarious. :)


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