Faith Can Move Mountains... But Dynamite Works Better

Monday, March 2, 2015

Those Who Are About To Die Salute You

A new month is underway, and while March came in like a lamb in these parts, it may go out like a lion with a three week long blizzard over half of North America (oh please oh please oh please....)

Today I have a mixture of twisted and eccentric images for your amusement. 


  1. Love the goats eating from the side of the mountain. How is that possible?

  2. So that's what an armadillo looks like up close! lol

    Ugly as hell. :D

  3. That owl just reminded me that we have an owl that is now living in our backyard. It's so much fun to watch and listen to him.

  4. Balls.This should be called Balls. I suppose it could be titled Hutzpah or chutszpah, but alas that's a word I can't spell. I'll stick to balls. :)

  5. I love all of these and will, as you know, steal most of them at some point in the future!

  6. I'd rather wait years for the Most Interesting Man in the World to get to the point than spend a nanosecond with those middle earth beings. Better still, I'll hang out with the porcupine.

  7. Oh, I'm definitely "not like the otters."

    Hee hee!

  8. Loved the Lord of the Rings ones.

  9. @Shelly: they're better climbers than humans are!

    @Diane: ugly but kind of cute.

    @Jane and Chris: thanks!

    @Norma: I will hug him and hold him and call him George.

    @Kelly: I remember hearing a screech owl once outside my parents' home, screaming as it flew through the air like a woman crying out.

    @Eve: either one will do!

    @Lowell: please do!

    @Lynn: The Most Interesting Man In The World does make for good memes.

    @Cheryl: thanks!

    @Auden: so did I.

  10. I love winter but I'm now excited to get out into the garden and plant herbs.

  11. I love armadillos they are so cute ! along with otters and owls.
    The only way to make this perfect for me is by adding a Scotty and a porcupine.
    Super Monday post.

    cheers, parsnip

  12. Only you would be begging for 3 weeks of blizzards... :) I love the Palin joke, and I think the Indian Jones one may have to make its way onto my door at work to annoy the other archaeologists!


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