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Saturday, September 7, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different

No, that's not me, but I can see the resemblance.

I am something of a dinosaur, sticking with film cameras (disposables, lately) while taking pictures to my heart's content. I love photography, snapping pics of whatever comes along my way. Well, now I'm sort of being hurtled into the digital age... because my partner in crime Norma has sent on a smart phone. I've been messing around with the camera, taking some shots. Obviously not these ones, but they do suit my warped sensibilities.

I do follow a number of photoblogs. Some of them are daily blogs, one of which I started following from St. Louis, which led me to more, and more, and more, and well, you get the picture. Other photoblogs are not quite so daily, but on a regular basis. One listed below has taken a break, but hopefully she'll be back. Others have a regular habit of  posting photoblogs from time to time with their own work. And others make their own photography an integral part of their blogs. Take a look through the links that follow, and you'll get to see some great work.

AngryParsnip at Two Little Square Dogs

Jane and Chris at The Maple Syrup Mob and at The Real Maple Syrup Mob

Nathalie at Avignon In Photos

RedPat at Occasional Toronto

LondonLulu at Princeton Daily Photo

Ben and Fern at Victoria Daily Photo

Krisztina at Krisztina Williams

Annette at Annette Gendler

Nancy at Bondi Resort

Barbara at Words Words Words

I think that's everyone. Now then, it appears I've joined their ranks. As I've said, I've been playing around with the smart phone, taking a few preliminary shots around Ottawa, getting used to using a smartphone as a camera. I'll test in these pages for awhile, periodically doing photo blogs with several pics a piece, before deciding if I want to have a go at a seperate photoblog. Obviously this blog would continue.  You're all expecting my mayhem on a regular basis, and besides, the cats, dogs, and Lars Ulrich all demand serious time to play. They're quite adamant about it.

 What to call the other blog, if it comes to that? How about No, This Is Not Carlos Danger's Personal Stash? No, I'd never get away with that (or could I?). Besides, hopefully within a year, Anthony Weiner's back in oblivion where he belongs, sending more selfies and crotch shots to strangers. Anyway, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Rideau Canal at Bank Street 

Chinatown Arch, Somerset Street

Front entrance and facade, Eglise Saint-Francoise-D'Assise

Eglise Saint.-Francoise-D'Assise


  1. A note with Ben and Fern's Victoria blog: I'd love to share it on Facebook as I do others, but something about the page sets off triggers. Anyway, it is safe, even if you get a notice on your computer.

    And I could swear I'm forgetting a blog or two...

  2. Nice work William. I'd definitely rank in the monkey category with my hopeless idea of photography. You are an artist!

  3. Personally, I think you're getting off to a great start! I especially love the shot of Rideau Canal. You might want to consider it for your photoblog header....

  4. You did a great job! You'll come up with the right blog title, just keep on messing around with it!

  5. I used to be a newspaper photographer and love to take pictures also. I can't believe you took those pictures with a cell phone. They look great!

  6. Great shots! I'm always amazed at how well smartphones do :) Looking forward to seeing more!

  7. Thank you from I and the Aussies for the honourable mention, William. My hubby likes the photos he can take with his Blackberry tablet, which are not to bad I must say. x

  8. Great job, William! You've definitely got an artistic eye. Your blog's title will come. . . one of your photos will trigger something. One of my blog followers started out as you did and is now into serious camera territory and has sold some of her photos (which came about by accident, as lots of happy things do).

  9. The Rideau Canal photo is lovely. Nice and crisp with rich colors. I use a DSLR nearly always, but I also have compact cameras and an iPhone, and the iPhone occasionally shocks me with how good a photo it can take.

  10. That's a coincidence: Emily and I got our first smart phones Thursday, although we've been using digital cameras for some time. So far I've figured out how to ... make phone calls.

  11. Great pictures! My mom has always loved photography. She takes her camera everywhere and resisted digital cameras for a long time. Now she has her really good camera, which is digital, and a smaller one to keep in her purse so she is always prepared. ;)

  12. Shots by the Devil? Photos of a Fiend?


    Take care

  13. @Eve: thanks!

    @Norma: definitely one to keep in mind!

    @Lorelei: I will!

    @Deb: I was pleasantly surprised!

    @Meradeth: I'll be keeping at it!

  14. @Cindy: thank you! I've enjoyed the pics you post with your blogs.

    @Kittie: thanks!

    @Jack: that bridge is one of my favourite places in the city. I'll have to photograph it from below at night.

    @Mark: here I haven't set up the phone service yet!

    @Kelly: now that I know how fun it is, I'm kicking myself for not moving into it sooner.

    @Old Kitty: Shots By The Devil sounds good!

  15. Another blog! My, you're energetic!

  16. Love the photos. I'm always clicking, too!

    Thanks for all the wonderful links William!

  17. What helps is when you don't have your camera and you see something you can whip out that phone.
    Like you I only dragged myself into the digital age. I only got my smartphone in January. No i-phone, love my Samsung.

    cheers, parsnip

  18. Up until about ~20 months ago, I shot almost exclusively with disposable film cameras!:) I love your Rideau Canal photo too and am excited to see more! You've got an 'eye' (Thank you for kindly mentioning my blog as a place you visit:)

  19. Taking photos is great fun. Here's to much fun ahead for you.

  20. Great shots!

    I love photography, but I do most of my edits on the computer because I never could figure out all the features of my camera. :D

  21. I'm so behind on blog reading and am just seeing this one now. Better late than never? I'm a sucker for photography and enjoy it myself. You seem to have a natural ability for it. I look forward to seeing lots more from you!


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