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Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Critter In The Machine

I don't usually post twice in a day, but Blogger isn't playing nice today. I've published a review for the new Wolverine movie (head on over to that link for the published blog). Yet the blog itself won't turn up on the blog reader. So I'm trying this out to see if it works. I had something similar a few blogs ago when I wrote about Lac-Megantic, but reverting that blog to a draft and then republishing it got it to actually turn up in my blog read. It's quite annoying. Kind of like when you have to put up with the presence of someone you don't like annoying (my idiot ex-brother-in-law Mike comes to mind).

RDJ knows what I'm talking about, right? 


  1. Wasn't that the face he pulled in The Avengers when nobody but Bruce Banner understood a word he was saying?

  2. I think so!

    And it's still not showing up on my blog feed!

  3. Nope, still not showing up. What's up with that Blogger?

  4. But it showed on Facebook and it was funny.

  5. Aha William, that second photo looks rather like a "Wanted" poster. As in great, you caught me.

    I click on the link and I end up reading about an inebriated Hobbit and something about a Wolverine. And "anger management", is not a wise plan. Why would I want to get fired?

    A good rest of your weekend, sir.


  6. I just spent a week with a ten year old who did that face like every hour. I've lost any self-esteem I had left. Good luck with all the blog problems.

  7. It showed up on my Blogger list. How coincidental I mentioned Robert Downey Jr. in the comments before I visited this post.

    Hmmm, great minds think alike?

  8. Booo to blogger!! But I'm not reading your review only cos I've not yet seen Wolverine and will do so soon and I totally don't want to know anything about it until I see this for myself! In 3D in super imax!!!!! Can't wait!! Take care

  9. I was unable to WRITE a post at all. My cursor wouldn't go into the little box. So, I said screw it. I'm getting ready to bug out of here tomorrow with husband on a short trip.

    Have a good one (^;

  10. @Kelly: now it's finally showing, twelve hours later. I did get a notice from someone at blogger with a likely reason, which I can keep in mind down the line.

    @Mari: it published, which was the essential part!

    @Klahanie: thank you! And Logan could use anger management.

    @Eve: see, that's one reason I don't want kids...

    @Diane: quite possibly!

    @Old Kitty: I was very careful about not going with any spoilers. But stay for the post credits.

    @Lorelei: razem frazem!

  11. Hi William,

    Hope the blog problems would be sorted soon.

    All the best!

  12. I know a few people I'd like to pull that face with William :) but damn it I have way too many manners for my own good haha!

  13. Hope you get your problems straightened out (I'm not talking about the blog!)Just kidding you're great the way you are!

  14. @Nas: I think it has to do with my server, more than anything else. When I work with Chrome, much less problems.

    @Grace: if I ever see my idiot ex-brother-in-law again, that's the face I'm definitely using.

    @Deb: thank you!


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