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Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Day In The Life Of A Dog

Moments later, Rex had struck a victory for dogs everywhere against the cruel tyrant, Darth Harper...

8:15 AM. Have slept in. Human appears to be sleeping in too. She had a rough night. Tossing and turning. Shouted out something about empty chairs and grouchy old men. Whatever that means. Humans can be quite confusing at times.

8:20 AM. Have come downstairs. Will let human sleep awhile. It's quiet. Too quiet. That's usually when something happens.

8:30 AM. Sitting in front of porch doors looking outside. Movement catches my eye. A squirrel comes up on the porch, carrying an acorn. Stupid squirrel. I hate those little bastards.

8:35 AM. Pacing back and forth at sliding doors. Watching that little menace. Those beady little eyes. The little bastard is chattering away, staring right at me. He's taunting me. When I get my paws on you....

8:40 AM. Start barking my head off. Lousy little furry bastard, laughing at me out there. Well you won't be laughing for long! I'll get you!!!

8:42 AM. Human comes downstairs grumbling. Opens door for me. Squirrel goes running. I start chasing.

8:43 AM. Have chased the annoying little bastard across the yard to a tree. The annoying little bastard is now chattering away on a tree branch above. I really, really hate squirrels.

9:10 AM. Have been circling tree for last few minutes, glaring up at the squirrel, barking at him. Too bad I can't climb trees. Otherwise you and I would be having words right now.

9:55 AM. Returning home after run around the back forty acres. Human is downstairs finishing breakfast. Greets me by asking why I had to bark so much. Dear human, I love you a whole lot, but really, the squirrel is my mortal enemy and must be hunted down and destroyed.

10:05 AM. Breakfast time. Kibbles! My very favourite!

3:55 PM. Back outside for awhile after my nap. Wandering about the farm for awhile on my own.

4:25 PM. Spot cat at distance. Have seen that one before. Lives nearby. Doesn't much like me. I wonder why. Maybe I'll go ask.

4:26 PM. Walk up to cat. She starts hissing and baring her claws. Why do cats do that when I just want to say hello?

4:27 PM. Cat issues harsh warning to me to back off. But seriously, all I want to do is ask why cats don't like dogs....

4:28 PM. Cat has delivered smack across my snout. Ouch!

4:30 PM. Cat walks away in a huff, with that typical attitude that makes me wonder what I did so wrong. Cats! Who can figure them out?

5:10 PM. Heading back for home. Still confused by the psychological makeup of the feline species. Can't we be friends? Is that asking the impossible?

7:10 PM. Human having dinner. I've already had my kibbles, which, by the way, I love. Have I mentioned that? Give my patented sad eyes look. Human gives me a dinner roll. Oh, boy! My favourite! 
11:15 PM. Human turning in for the night. Will head up to join her after my nocturnal patrol of the house. Thinking about tomorrow. And getting my paws on that bloody squirrel.


  1. I hope my next cat scan is like that one!

    I wonder what cats and dogs would have to say about these Day in the Life blogs?

  2. My cat Dodgey is like that second pic...and I love the pic of the little dog on the big bed and big dog on the little bed...Yup, makes you think about which one of those dogs is in charge...!

    Great blog.

  3. Very cute. Poor squirrel.
    I think if Fiona was uglier and had long hair she'd be like the "It's called a Blinker!!!!!!!" ravaging maniac dog! Now that she's lost her baby teeth....
    Thanks for the smiles William!

  4. Great Saturday post. Thanks for the smile !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Growing up, my cat would curl up in the dog's bed with her. Dog agreed to share. :)

  6. Ha ha! I love the cat scan one. And the puppy sleeping in the bowl has got to be the cutest one!

  7. Loved the "thinking cat", but they were all funny/adorable, as always!

  8. I can really relate to that little Bulldog that hates mornings. We have the same expression!

  9. Now, I'll need to give new meaning to "cat scan". Love this post because I love dogs and their idiosynchrocies--did I spell that right?

  10. I think the cuteness just sent me into a diabetic coma.

  11. Love that bed and breakfast shot. Now I want I dog! My husband will be by later to thank you for my nagging. :)

  12. I love the small dog on the big bed and the big dog on the small bed. That looks like home to me!

  13. What is it with dogs vs squirrels!?!? LOL!! Take care

  14. @Norma: they might be displeased!

    @Beth: the big dog indulges the little one...

    @Eve: the little ones tend to be the vocal ones!

    @Parsnip: thanks!

    @Under Cover: isn't that sweet of them both?

    @Eden: thanks!

  15. @Krisztina: poor little doggie, getting swarmed by kitties!

    @Lorelei: it is cute!

    @Deb: I can relate too!

    @Esoteric: Not quite sure, but close enough. And this is a running series of blogs...

    @Mark: In that case, I'd better never do a blog entitled Gratutious Cuteness...

    @Talli: cats are better though!

    @Lynn: they think so too!

    @Old Kitty: I actually like squirrels, but dogs really get annoyed by them, so it must go in!

  16. The 3rd picture is too freakin cute! And the "thinking cat" made me laugh out loud.


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