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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Summer Of Our Discontent

"Upon the lowly two legged creature who tossed me in the pool for a gag photo, I shall have my revenge. This I swear upon the almighty scratching pole. No one throws me into a pool and lives to see their grandchildren!"  ~ Hannibal

"Wake me up when autumn comes." ~ Winston

It would seem that the summer of 2012 is at an end (finally). Droughts in some areas (a good deal of the United States and Canada had that going on this year). Heavy rains elsewhere (Britain, I'm looking at you, but then there's always rain in Britain).

At least it's over. The weather in these parts has moderated somewhat, the water levels are slowly improving, and we're getting cooler weather now that summer is near the end of the line. It's about bloody time. I don't understand the sort of person who loves summer weather.

They must be off their rocker. Mental. Cracked in the head. Loopy.

Of course, editorial cartoonists over the course of the season ran with the theme as it suited them....

And so the summer is at a close. Fall is upon us. And before you know it...

The very best season of the year will be upon us.

Isn't it just lovely?


  1. Feed the cuss jar! Feed the cuss jar!

    I still can't believe you actually LOVE winter!

  2. Well, if I'm loopy for loving summer, I'm okay with that. I just hate being cold. But, fall is one of my favourite seasons - I love the colours, the smells, the flavours. I'll be baking lots this season!

  3. I am loopy, but you already know that. Probably more than anyone because you've seen my manuscript.
    This was the worst summer I've ever seen. Humidity was high and it rained quite often. Very, very strange for the desert. I moved here for that alleged dry heat. Thank goodness it's over.

  4. I loved living in Yolo County, California! My sister laughed at me when she discovered that I would ride my bike in jeans in 80 F weather -- seriously, everything is relative. When you get triple digits in the summer, 80 ain't so bad... and, yes, it is a dry heat. :-D

  5. Snow, snow, snow!!!! Yay!!!!! We've had chilly mornings here this week!:) And the leaves are starting to fall.:)

  6. Yep, been humid down here, too, but hey! We're on an island so what do you expect?

    And right now, it's gorgeous. Not too hot, not too cold, not much rain (though we could use some). We're loving it!

    And while snow is nice, I prefer to look at it rather than live in it.

    There...I said it...will never love anything about it!!

    But, alas...Summer will come back around again next year...something to live for!

    I knew the winter blogs would soon start...I'm sure another blog will be starting soon as well...looking forward to it, actually!

    You rock, little brother! But, I still HATE WINTER!!

  8. @Norma: it's so cold! Cold is a very good thing!

    @Carla: I'm outnumbered, aren't I?

    @Eve: a little loopiness now and then is a good thing.

    @Under Cover: I'll take the dry heat over humidity!

    @Krisztina: the leaves are changing here too.

    @Lynn: good riddance to it!

    @Cheryl: but it's so fun!

    @Beth: snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow....

  9. If I could figure out where to actually live where sun shines everyday and its cold, I'll move there.


  10. Fall is my favorite season but alas it is far too short!

  11. I love all the seasons. I probably fall into the minority group who isn't all that fond of summer. I do love a good autumn, if only the bees would go away. They get nasty in autumn. I loved the bug spray cartoon.


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