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Monday, August 28, 2017

Sunny Beaches And Fine Music

I have another post in the ongoing embassy series Ottawa Welcomes The World today. I will be doing one more of these before turning the rest of the series over to my photoblog. Today I'm showing two different events for two Caribbean nations. Jamaica was the first of the two, with its embassy showcasing the country in the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa. There was travel information, food tasting, cultural information, and entertainment through the day.

At one point a music band was playing what you might expect out of the country- the reggae kind of sound.

The next act, however, was something different. The lead singer, also playing the bass (the first time I've ever seen a bass musician also singing) had more of a blues sensibility to her vocals. A saxophonist was with her. If you're wondering about the video screen behind them- this event took place during the world track and field championships, which was being live streamed to the event. Track and field is a big thing in Jamaica.

On another occasion, the nation of Trinidad and Tobago had the spotlight. There was a rich variety of flowers, photography of the country's culture, crafts, and clothing on hand.


  1. I love the culture in the Caribbean.

    1. It's quite a place in the world. I enjoyed both of these events.

  2. Wonderful post, I would have enjoyed this very much and I enjoyed all your photos. Thanks William! A great header shot also.

  3. What gorgeous clothes! I bet the music part was great, too!

  4. This looks really interesting to visit! And both places are ones on my list to visit someday :)


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