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Monday, December 14, 2015

Practically Perfect - And So Very Modest

A mix of images for you today. Enjoy!


  1. Oh that poor Grim Reaper. ;) I love mongoose, because I HATE snakes. Eat him, guys!

  2. I love the penguin and the bear one the best.
    All the photo I have seen never have the second penguin in it. I think I like it when it it just the one penguin. Like he is doing it just for the heck of it. Because as you know some penguins do carry cymbals with them at all times.

    Terrific post as always.
    cheers, parsnip

  3. Classic sign off with the Indiana Jones joke :)

  4. Back when we made and sold blankets and quilts, pink camo was popular. As well as pink John Deere.

  5. Funny stuff to start my day. Thank's William!

  6. Love the mongoose convention.

    In the next Indiana Jones movie, Shia LaBeouf should be replaced with Chris Pratt. He looks enough like Harrison Ford--and acts enough like Indiana Jones--to play his son.

  7. @Kelly: the snake's outnumbered!

    @Parsnip: and he's such a courageous penguin!

    @Meradeth: gotta love Indy!

    @Whisk: that I didn't know!

    @Lorelei: you're welcome.

    @Norma: there's an idea! I think Shia's used up his credit with any director but Michael Bay at this point.

  8. Hahahahah!

    Where do you find these? Love me some Julie Andrews.


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