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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Beware The Wrath Of The Angry Otter

I have some links before we get ourselves started today. Norma had an excerpt at her blog. Parsnip had weather woes in her area. And so did Eve and her pups. Lorelei wrote about the changing of the year. And the Whisk had burned waffles.

Today I start off the year for this blog with a mix of odd images. Enjoy!


  1. ....... And The Whisk had burned waffles.
    That about says it all !
    Such a great post today.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Fun post, William. Love the Redshirts. I almost wrote, Redshits. Well, I didn't almost I did write it, but then I fixed it.

    " ... and in the mornin', I'm makin' waffles! .. the Donkey

  3. Beaver and owl..hehehehehehehehe!
    Jane x

  4. The confused beaver is my favorite!

  5. @Parsnip: thanks!

    @Whisk: it would be so easy to mix the two words!

    @Lynn: Fabio had that coming. Epic karma unleashed!

    @Jane and Chris: aren't they cute?

    @Cheryl: ah, but he's an otter!

  6. You had me laughing out loud at some of these! The planks alongside the cliff made me start to sweat and panic set in. Yikes! I like the one of Georgi W. Bushki, too. Why he isn't behind bars is beyond me!

  7. That's quite a mix! (I like the one with the moose. Reminds me of Rufus.)

  8. The hiking thanks! Great bunch of laughs!

  9. Okay, with the right hair, that otter looks like Mark Wahlberg. No, I'm not making it up!

  10. Very eclectic sense of humor my friend! Thanks for the mention!

  11. @Lowell: Dubya's a life lesson for all voters the world over: don't vote in someone this stupid.

    @Norma: isn't the moose cute?

    @Meradeth: that's my kind of hiking!

    @Diane: strangely, I can see that!

    @Eve: thank you!

  12. Hahaha! My daily dose! Thanks for sharing William!


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