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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Day In The Life Of A Dog

It is time once again for my regular dog and cat blogs, starting, as always, with the point of view of the hound. 

7:36 AM. Waking up at home. Slept wonderfully. Dreamed of groundhogs biting people for some reason.

7:38 AM. Looking outside. Hmmm, it's snowing.

7:43 AM. Consulting calendar. Hmmm, that Groundhog Day thing is coming up. I wonder if that influenced my dream? More to the point, if the groundhog sees his shadow, does that mean six more weeks of belly rubs and bacon for all dogs?

7:47 AM. Good morning, human! How about some breakfast? 

7:49 AM. Wolfing down breakfast at breakneck speed.

7:51 AM. Say, human, how about letting me out and about for a run? I've got a lot of energy to wear off and some squirrels to chase.

7:58 AM. Running through the back fields among all the snow. Barking my head off. Woof!

8:15 AM. Coming across Spike The Magnificent, Tormentor of Squirrels at his house. We greet in the customary doggie way.

8:16 AM. Spike and I compare notes on the movements of the enemy. The squirrels seem to be continuing to amass an arsenal of nuts and seeds from local bird feeders, but we can't yet grasp how such things can be used for ammunition.

8:18 AM. Spike and I confer on the peculiarity of human beliefs about Groundhog Day. We all know that winter here will last at least two more months anyway, so why does anyone pay attention to that?

8:23 AM. Parting ways with Spike. The snow's continuing to fall. Better get home.

8:36 AM. Passing by the home of that cat. Hey... there she is out in the snow. I think I'll say hello. Of course, I'll do it from right here. She tends to claw me when I come up close.

8:37 AM. I bark one loud woof. The cat, who hasn't noticed me, leaps upright into the air and bolts towards the house. She looks back, and sees me at the property line.

For some odd reason she starts hissing and howling.

8:49 AM. Back home. Hey, human! Let me in!

8:50 AM. I dash past the human into the house, where I promptly shake my fur to get rid of the snow. She calls me a bad dog. I put on my innocent eyes look. She rolls her eyes and mutters something about how she should have bought a gerbil.

11:35 AM. Waking up from nap. Feeling nice and toasty lying by the fireplace.

11:38 AM. Looking outside. I think the weather's gotten worse. More and more snow.

11:53 AM. Doing the classic mooching eyes thing with my eyes while the human's getting lunch ready. Soup for her- for some reason she won't let me have soup- and isn't it pretty early for that? She's also got some dinner rolls on a plate. She looks at me and says she's making a hot meal in case we lose power later.

Oh, come on, human, it's the middle of the winter in the Canadian countryside, what are the odds of losing power?

12:25 PM. The human is having some of her soup. I've mooched three dinner rolls and am happily eating a fourth when something odd happens. The fridge seems to stop humming. And I don't hear the furnace on either.

12:26 PM. The human says the power is down.

Well, how long can this possibly last?

1:12 PM. Looking out front window. Barking at mailman driving up to the mailbox at the end of the driveway.

1:13 PM. Uh oh, the mailman's truck is stuck. He'd better not think of taking refuge here.

1:16 PM. The vile fiend has managed to get out of that drift and get back underway. That was close. If he'd come up this driveway looking for help, I would have given him a stern barking.

I think I'll have a nap. Fortunately the fireplace doesn't need electricity to work, so it's not as if we'll freeze.

5:55 PM. Waking up from nap. Wow, that was a long one. Power's still off, based on the fact that the human's lit candles. I guess that means the hot meal of the day really was lunch. And here I wouldn't have minded a pancake dinner.

6:10 PM. Dinner rolls for dinner along with my kibbles while the human has a couple of sandwiches.Yum yum yum!

10:48 PM. The human's had enough of waiting for the power to come back on. She's starting to blow out the candles before going up to bed.

And lo and behold, the power comes on.

Great timing, human! Say, how about making us some pancakes?


  1. Yes Please, I like pancakes !
    Watson and thehamish love pancakes.
    Hey, we all like pancakes.
    Love the Corgie jumping the hurtle.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. They're smarter than we are, you know!

  3. I've never wanted to run with the bulls until now.

  4. Each one is funnier than the one before it. I'm laughing so hard.

  5. Yes, dogs take over cats! Though I have plenty of ferret photos if you want to get creative! :)

  6. @Parsnip: how can anyone resist pancakes?

    @Norma: they are!

    @Lynn: in this case, they're cuties!

    @Kelly: thanks!

    @Diane: oh, the cats will get the title back!

    @Whisk: thank you!

  7. I'll have to tell Wilma about that squirrel strategy.

  8. Fun, fun, fun. So sorry about the power. Hope you and the dog cuddled up to keep warm.

  9. The nap or coffee one--totally me right now!

  10. OMG that last meme about allowing poor Buddy to watch the end of Old Yeller. You are funny. Have some pancakes.

  11. Dogs are so goodnatured! Power outages don't faze them!

    Love the terse police dog!


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