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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

These Aren't The Voter Lists You're Looking For. Move Along.

"Vote you must. But trust not in the politicians. Unwise they are. And too willing to heed the advice of spin doctors, they will. Evil, the spin doctors are. Always looking for advantages to attack and destroy, they do. Mud slinging. Attack ads. Voter suppression. These are their ways. They follow the Dark Side. Once down that path, forever will they be lost." ~ Yoda

"No, I am not going to explain the principles of the magic underwear to you." ~ Governor Mittens

Three weeks to go. Yes, just three very long weeks. Debates are underway (more on them next time) and two sides are pulling out all the stops to win the whole house of cards in the United States. President Obama, Governor Mittens, and their parties and proxies have been jousting and fencing as of late (as opposed to just doing the world a favour and declaring a moratorium on campaigning until November 6th). And every step of the way, editorial cartoonists have been making it bearable for the rest of us.

Governor Mittens has of course been spending all of his time trying to convince voters he's in touch with their lives and not the plutocrat he comes off as. Kind of hard to do when everytime he opens his mouth he sounds like a plutocrat.

Meanwhile, the President is doing all he can (though a first debate was a bit of a sleepwalk for him) to hold off the prospect of becoming a one term president. Polls have been up and down in the last few days, particularly given the debates. He's also had to deal with four years of opposition partisan rancor on a scale that I can't recall ever seeing before, so let's face it, getting anything done in that environment would be a miracle....

In closing, perhaps you're still on the fence.

Maybe you don't think you can vote either way.

Well, there's still an option.

Vote for this guy.


  1. Cartoonists for Mitt??? That's definitely not a good sign!

    You're going to miss these guys when the election is over!

    (Great blog!)

  2. Do you have negative attack ads in Canada?

  3. @Norma: well, Mitt does keep the cartoonists busy. Much easier to make fun of him...

    @Deb: we do, in fact. The Conservative government, despite being in majority control, seems to think being in constant attack ad mode against anyone they disagree with is a wonderful thing. One of the many, many reasons I'm disgusted by coming from that lot...

  4. For the record, we're not even going to comment on the underwear.

  5. I'm definitely voting but I'll be really happy when the election is over. Then my phone won't ring every half hour.

  6. I'm trying my best to stay away from election-related stuff (I just want to vote, the pre-election part is quite a downer sometimes), but very intrigued by the cartoons here - what a bunch! (I always thought elections might be more civilized in Canada, I guess politicians are the same anywhere.)

  7. Pollies are definitely the same the world some ways they remind me of Grade 7 kids, but with more power....scary!!

  8. @Scarlett and James: you two are more interested in getting underwear off...

    @Kelly: no, but the Christmas ads will replace the political ads on television...

    @LondonLulu: they can be. About a year ago, one of our party leaders got voted in by his party at a convention. Another party leader sent a message of congratulations. The response of our not so esteemed Prime Minister? That very same night, launching attack ads against his new opponent. Says a lot about him...

    @Perth: that sounds accurate...

  9. I'm surprised your post isn't about binders, ha!

  10. Lol. I was thinking what Talli said. Good to know that's coming. Well, I think this is the worst pair of candidates we've had in such a very long time. I am honestly sick to my stomache over it. I guess I'm for Obama by default just because I already know how shitty of a leader he is. Romney...well, there's no telling just how shitty he'd be and that scares the bejeezus out of me!

  11. The man is a horrible choice for the GOP, but they keep making horrible choices....


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