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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Revenge Of Jimmy Carter's Grandson

"Don't forget, she's a politician, and they're not to be trusted." ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi

"You can destroy the Emperor. He has foreseen this. It is your destiny. Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son." ~ Darth Vader

"Mesa vote to gives emergency powers to de chancellor Palpatine! What can possibly go wrongsa? Mesa thinks nothing!" ~ Jar Jar Binks

Well, we're now a month away from the election, with debates, polls, blunders, and gaffes running back and forth, and I'm running as behind as ever. The editorial cartoonists of the world have been busy taking shots as only they can.

The GOP candidate for Vice President, Paul Ryan, otherwise known as the Sneer Incarnate, has been busy driving fact checkers to drink...

Governor Mittens got himself in trouble on two fronts. His missteps involving the Libya situation were the first gaffe. The second happened when a video clip emerged with him essentially writing off nearly half the country as not worth dealing with. The 47% has taken off in a big way ever since. It seems that the grandson of Jimmy Carter had a hand in getting that clip out in the open. Rumor has it that the Mittens campaign is very unhappy with that. Meanwhile, Don James, the Capo di Capo of the Carter family, has given his grandson his thanks for the successful conclusion of Operation Get Even With The GOP.

And so the endless run to the elections continues. President Obama is, as of this writing, in the midst of debating with Governor Mittens. Both men are asking the question, "do you really want that guy to run this country. The country is asking, "how much longer will this keep going?"

 Much will be made of this by the 24 hours news networks (side note: does the world really need news around the clock? Particularly when there's only a half hour of actual news on these things? The answer is not a bloody chance) in the weeks to come.

Just remember... if you think it's confusing for us to figure out...

Try looking at it from the dog's point of view.


  1. You nailed this one. I'm with the dogs wondering when it will be over and why the view is not changing!

  2. I can't wait for the election to be over.

  3. It's shenanigans from now til election day. Somehow, I doubt that anybody is going to change his or her mind as a result of media shouting...?

  4. I'm from Missouri--the state that put Rush Limbaugh in its Hall of Fame (or was that the Hall of Shame?), has an idiot from the Dark Ages named Todd Akin running for Congress, and is divided on the Presidential candidates. I swear, if my home state goes in the Romney-Ryan column, I will disown it and move to Canada!

  5. I'll be glad when the circus is over. I hate this time but I love your funnies, Sir Wills.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. I'm with the crowd who wants it to end. I do my duty and vote and nothing really changes my mind, because I'm malleable. When the times change due to policy (whether good or bad), I just change my own "portfolio on life" to benefit me and my family.

    That may sound selfish, but these days I feel horrible for the small business people because they don't have that creative option. Government doesn't regulate individuals outside of basic tax code.

    whoever comes into office, I just hope they take care of what's going on in the middle east!

  7. It's quite the battle going on over there, I don't know enough about American politics to offer an opinion, but may the best person win!!

  8. Will, as always, a great post! And I love the pics, esp the Star Wars one and the Titanic. Every time Mittens opens his mouth, always the wrong thing just seems to fall out. I'll be glad when the elections are over; maybe then government will get back to runningn the country rather than trying to get in or stay in office.

  9. @Eve: thanks!

    @Kelly: me too...

    @Under Cover: shenanigans for a whole more month...

    @Norma: keep your fingers crossed that your state comes to their senses...

    @Shelly: I'll be glad when it's done too..

    @Diane: I think the sort of person who doesn't vote has forfeited their right to complain after the fact.

    @Perth: Here in Canada, we pay quite a bit of attention to American politics. One of our former Prime Ministers said that being next door to the Americans was similar to a mouse sleeping beside an elephant. You don't get much sleep that way...

    @Lena: we can hope!

  10. Well at least I'm still able to laugh at your cartoons. That's saying something, isn't it?

    I'm in a win-win situation. I want Obama to win, so if he does, I win.

    If Romney wins, he's going to magically fix all our economic woes, so I also win.


  11. November. Seems like it'll us take ten years to get past that first Tuesday. Groan.

  12. I say bring on Mayor Stubbs of Alaska!!! A purrfect choice!

    Take care

  13. @Christine: I wonder if it has anything to do with that magic Mormon underwear Romney wears?

    @Cheryl: ten very long years!

    @Old Kitty: Mayor Stubbs should be President Stubbs!

  14. Oh gosh, while I always make sure to vote, I never quite relish or enjoy it these days. So much craziness. But I've quite quite enjoyed this post (hats off too, to those hardworking cartoonists and factcheckers!)

  15. You really handle the political pieces well. I always walk away from your blog thinking things over.

  16. @LondonLulu: thank you very much!

    @Russo: I do try!


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