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Monday, January 20, 2014

A Night In The Life Of A Dog

Before we get ourselves back into the mix of things with these power outage blogs, links to see to first of all. Have a peek over at our joint blog for a Snippet Sunday blog. Go on over to Norma's blog for her rant about a soap opera. And for some strange reason, someone's fed up with snow.

Now then, carrying on with the dog's point of view....

4:20 PM. According to the human, it has been eleven minutes since we lost the power. And yet she seems so calm and laid back about it.

Human? What about if it never comes back on again?

4:25 PM. The human is on the phone speaking to the hydro people. Fortunately that's still working. I hear things about downed lines. The human sounds entirely too calm for this sort of situation. 

4:35 PM. Sitting staring out the window at the road. Can barely see it through the snow falling. What's taking the hydro trucks?

4:40 PM. The human is lighting some candles... and placing them in high spots where the wag of my tail won't knock them over. She tells me to be patient, that the power will come back on when it comes back on, and we have generator backups for the barn anyway.

Yes, but what about us? Are we doomed to freeze to death or have ourselves a Donner Party kind of situation?

4:55 PM. Lying by the fireplace. At least that'll keep us warm. Must not look out window expecting hydro crews out on the road. They'll never come if I do. It's like that strange human expression: a watched pot never boils.

5:15 PM. The human's back inside, caked in snow. She informs me the generator's running into the barn, and the other one is keeping our freezer on down in the basement. Well, that's good. At least the roasts and the lambchops and the vegetables will make it through Snowpocalypse in one piece. But what about us? More importantly, what about dinner?

5:30 PM. The human has toweled off the snow. This is why I didn't go out with you, human. The Towel of Torment will not touch my fur again this day....

6:30 PM. At least the grandfather clock can tell the time without power. The thing just keeps on ticking... and ringing every fifteen minutes. It's a comforting sound when you're out of power, wondering if you'll have dinner or will ever see power restored to your home again.

6:45 PM. The human brings a plate into the living room with sandwiches and settles into dinner. I guess no hot food tonight?

What if the power is restored in five minutes? Will you make a hot meal then?

6:50 PM. I manage to mooch two sandwiches. Yum yum yum.

Just the thing to take the edge off my worries.

7:20 PM. I just had to do it. I just had to go look out the front window to see if there were hydro trucks in sight. Now it'll take another eternity for them to arrive. It's so dark and snowy out there that I can't see a thing.

8:05 PM. The human seems to be taking all this in stride. She's got enough candlelight to read by, so she's wrapped up in a book.

8:40 PM. Wondering what the record is in this country for longest ever power outage. Unfortunately I can't look it up on the computer... thanks to the power outage.

9:30 PM. I wonder if the power is out where that irritable cat lives. She must be going up the wall right about now.

10:05 PM. The human seems quite content with the situation at hand. Yes, well, human, not all of us care to read Agatha Christie novels.

10:20 PM. What was that? I could swear I heard something. A bang on the road? A truck backfiring? A serial killer in the attic? The mind plays tricks on you when you're waiting for the power to come back on...

10:35 PM. Have completed a full inspection of the house. No serial killers hiding in the attic or anywhere else. A look outside has confirmed no sign of hydro trucks, but plenty of extra snow. Just how long does it take to restore power anyway?

10:55 PM. The human is laying down a mattress and blankets near the fireplace. You're staying down here tonight, human? Does that mean we can snuggle?

11:15 PM. The human settles into her makeshift bed. Feels nice and warm by the fire. I snuggle up next to her. She assures me it shouldn't take long for the power to come back on.

Human? If the power comes back on while you're asleep, should I wake you up so you can make a hot dinner?

11:45 PM. The human is asleep. My efforts to do so have been hampered by my inability to truly relax. I am presently counting sheep. I wonder why humans think that technique actually works. All I end up thinking of is how good lamb tastes.

12:50 AM. Sixty three bottles of beer on the wall, sixty three bottles of beer...

It occurs to me this song doesn't actually make sense.

2:25 AM. The human continues to sleep soundly. I keep tossing and turning. Contemplating calling the hydro company to inquire as to when the power might be back up. However, I am hampered by my inability to actually speak English.

3:10 AM. Still awake. Contemplating what came first. The dog or the stick.

4:09 AM. It has been precisely twelve hours since we lost power. I can't believe I'm still awake. Usually sleep comes so easy to me. I'm plagued by my inability to fall off now.

4:35 AM. The lights suddenly flash on... and the fridge starts humming. Human! The power is back on! Isn't that wonderful? How about you wake up and make us some dinner?

4:40 AM. Well, the power is still on. The human seems oblivious. I suppose I ought to at least turn out the lights... can't really fall asleep with those on.

I go from light switch to light switch, knocking each to the off position in turn. Fortunately the human didn't turn on any lamps. Those would have given me problems.

4:50 AM. Settling down beside the human again. Curling up into a ball. Feeling the furnace heat slowly circulating. I think I can sleep now. Will have to tell the human all about it in the mor.....zzzzzzz......


  1. I like the pug with the broken happy....

  2. You reminded me about how delightful it is to live in the desert. Loved the two Snoopy takes.

  3. I like the sad faced dogs. That's how I feel about WINTER!!!

  4. The second photo... just pretend the gud dug is black and that is thehamish.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I love The Shining so the Here's Johnny one is awesome!

  6. Love all the pics as usual. Wonder if puppy got his warm dinner?

  7. The pup who went shopping and the one being mocked are just perfect. (No worries, we're not mocking you little pooch!:)

  8. Oh my that was a long night.. I hate when that happens and you're just dozing off when the alarm goes off :)

  9. I am with the dog and always think up things to look up online when the power is out and I can't get online!

  10. So glad we haven't had our power off this winter! Not yet anyway.

    And the dog telling the cat he knows where its paws have been...So true, so true!

  11. @Norma: isn't he a cutie?

    @Mari: we need to dispatch snow to the desert.

    @Deb: but winter is a good thing!

    @Parsnip: why am I not surprised?

    @Kelly: thank you!

  12. @Shelly: puppy hopes so!

    @LondonLulu: the pup is grateful!

    @Grace: isn't that always the way?

    @Padded Cell: it's just rotten timing.

    @Cheryl: a little power outage now and then is a good thing.

  13. All the dogs I've ever lived with have seemed indifferent to power outages. Gosh, the things they may have been thinking one paws, er, pause.

  14. Awww . . . but I kinda think dogs think like that!

    Snow's falling like crazy here --

  15. If only we knew exactly what our dogs think. Poor Joey!!


  16. We endured 2 1/2 days without power--and that was during Christmas, a few years ago. Yeah, had to spend in motel, and we were lucky some restaurant actually was open. We didn't want to go back to that truck stop for dinner.

    Great story & pictures, William!


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