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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Dog

Before we get things started, a note about this week. This Friday is the second annual Ontario Bloggers Day. Cindy over at Just North Of Wiarton And South Of The Checkerboard started this concept last year, and I'll be taking part in it through my photoblog. The idea is simple: a nod towards the many bloggers in this province and a chance to get to know some bloggers you might not have met yet. Click on Cindy's blog to check it out (she and her hubby are good people, and surrounded by hounds), and take a look at my photoblog on Friday for my first participation in the annual shindig.

Today then, we start off the first of four of these dog and cat blogs.... woof!

7:30 AM. Awake. Taking a big stretch to start the day. Wondering about sleeping another ten minutes. Or thirty.

7:45 AM. Ah, here comes the human down the stairs. How are you today, my dear human? Feeling like breakfast? Because I'm feeling a bit peckish.

7:47 AM. Gobbling down breakfast. Yum yum yum! Is there anything quite so tasty as kibbles?

7:53 AM. The human has let me out the door. It's been snowing all night... and it's still snowing. Lots of white fluffy stuff.

I wonder if I can convince the human to make a snowman with me. Or a snowdog.

8:05 AM. Dashing through the back fields. Barking like a lunatic. Deliriously pleased with myself.

8:20 AM. Have just spotted that annoying squirrel out in the open. I hate that squirrel.

I break out into a full sprint to chase that little bastard down, barking my head off.

8:22 AM. Rats! Foiled again! The devious little bastard has made it up a tree. He's now up there on that branch chattering away and tormenting me. 

I hate you, squirrel. 

9:00 AM. Have been pacing around the tree, waiting out the squirrel. Snow still falling. Feeling hungry. Thinking of going home.

9:03 AM. Leaving for home. One more look up the tree at that squirrel. Laugh all you want, you vile fiend, but there will come a day when you will pay. Oh, will you pay...

9:25 AM. Back home. Barking as I approach the door. 

9:26 AM. The human opens the door. Hello, human. No luck getting that squirrel, but one day, I'll be the one dictating the rules of engagement. And then he will regret ever taunting me.

You haven't by chance been baking? The house smells like baking.

9:28 AM. She has been baking. Smells like cookies. I like cookies. Particularly when they're warm and just out of the oven. Must make use of my sad eyes look.

9:42 AM. My mooching has paid off. The human gives me a couple of oatmeal cookies.

Yum yum yum!

10:20 AM. More mooching has paid off. The human has given me sugar cookies. She tells me that's enough.

Human, these are delicious, but you and I know there's no such thing as enough cookies.

12:10 PM. Waking up from nap. Looking outside. It's still snowing. The human is watching the news.

12:11 PM. The weather forecaster talks about seventy centimetres of snow before it's all said and done, and high winds picking up this afternoon. Human, what's a centimetre?

12:15 PM. The human is making lunch. Mentions something about power. Not paying too much attention. More eager to see if I can mooch a sandwich from her.

12:19 PM. Have managed to convince the human to give me a smoked beef sandwich. Yum yum yum!

1:25 PM. Supervising the human as she does chores in the barn. She needs supervision. Just as long as she doesn't think of getting a cat supervisor. Cats are strange creatures.

1:48 PM. The human's finished in the barn. Time to go back to the house. We step outside. Snow falling even more fierce. 

Are we going to be making a snowman, human?

1:54 PM. Back in the house. Caked in snow. I think I'll lie in front of the fireplace to dry off. 

1:55 PM. The human uses the Towel of Torment to dry me off. Human! I don't need that!

1:59 PM. The human has finished toweling me off. She says something about the smell of wet dogs. Oh, come on, human, the smell doesn't last that long.

I settle down by the fireplace. Feels nice and warm...

2:05 PM. Feeling sleepy. Snow howling outside. Will dream of catching that annoying squirrel once and for all.

4:15 PM. Waking up from nap. Strange. Something doesn't sound quite right.

The hum of the fridge isn't humming.

4:17 PM. Have found the human sitting in the kitchen reading. She informs me the power has gone out.

Gone out? When? How? Is this going to take long?

What about dinner???

To Be Continued....


  1. I can't decide which one's the cutest...but I'm leaning toward the little furball who wants to cuddle!

  2. Brilliant...
    Oh no woe is gud gud dug what will happen with the power off. Hint eat the ice cream first !
    I like the first and last one the best.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Dinner? After all those cookies? Oh I guess chasing the squirrel makes you hungry but why call him a vile fiend? Maybe you can make peace with your enemy?

  4. The "Me, Mini Me" one made me laugh way more than it should have. ;)

  5. Thank YOU for another great "A Day in the Life of a Dog" post ! The Checkerboard Aussies will LOVE it.

  6. You outdid yourself in the selection of pictures. Loved every one of them. I would have cuddled the little one if possible. A vet would scream about all that people food though. Not good.

  7. Why oh why did the curiosity kill the cat make me chuckle so? Thank you for yet another hilarious pooch post!

  8. @Norma: that's a cutie, huh?

    @Parsnip: eating ice cream must be a priority!

    @Eve: dogs always think first with their stomachs!

    @Kelly: thank you!

    @Cindy: you're most welcome!

    @Mari: the dog loves the people food regardless!

    @LondonLulu: thank you!

  9. Gosh, that great dane pic...that's why I try not to let Emma on the couch. She lays completely on top of me. Oh, and she always knows when I'm baking cookies! She likes to vacuum any crumbs.

  10. Haha! Dog has an appetite like moi:) love the 'relationship status.. It's complicated' :)))))

  11. Hehehehehehe...Yorkshire terrier...hehehehehehehe!
    Jane x

  12. I liked the Relationship Status: it's complicated!

    The cat/dog blogs start my day off with a laugh every time!

  13. How did you get Hair Balls mug shot?

  14. That last dog must be a mixture with a Great Dane. He's HUUUUUUGE!! LOL

  15. All those passed out pups, oh my gosh, I love it. And the Me and Mini Me, made me laugh out loud. That is seriously funny.

  16. Those great dane puppies are too cute! And I hope you're staying warm with all the snow!

  17. I love the one "curiosity killed the cat but for a while I was a suspect!"

  18. @Krisztina: that's what dogs are for!

    @Grace: isn't it sweet?

    @Jane and Chris: how fitting, huh?

    @Cheryl: thank you!

    @Shelly: SPAL sent it to me!

    @Diane: very huge!

    @Whisk: mission accomplished!

    @Lynn: isn't pom cute?

    @Meradeth: there can never be too much snow!

    @Hilary: yes, what a face on that one!


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