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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Day In The Life Of A Dog

Before getting started today, have a look over at Norma's page, where she's been busy this week, with her thoughts on professional wrestling and an expanded review of Iron Man 3 now that the film has been released on DVD and Blu Ray. Check it out, and comment!

Starting out October with a doggie blog, and our hero is about to come face to face with a change in season...

7:15 AM. Waking up from long night's sleep. Feeling refreshed and ready to take on another day. I hear the human upstairs. Good, very good. Feeling a bit hungry. Of course, I often feel hungry, even after I've just wolfed down breakfast.

7:30 AM. Good morning, human. Fine day, isn't it? The kind of day that makes you feel glad to be alive? 

Say, how about a bit of something or another to eat? 

7:35 AM. I believe I might have just beaten my old record of wolfing down breakfast by 0.2 seconds. Wait a minute, I didn't have a timer on me.

Human, were you by chance timing me?

7:40 AM. The human lets me out the back door. I head out... stop on the terrace, and look at the grass. Looks a little different from yesterday. Feels a bit colder in the air too.

We had frost last night?

7:55 AM. Have made thorough examination of frost covered lawn by rigorous sniffing. Yes, it was a cold night last night. I guess fall really has descended.

I should go see Spike The Magnificent, Tormentor of Squirrels, and see what he thinks.

8:30 AM. Running through the back fields, barking my head off. A doggie's life is the life for me....

9:10 AM. Have found Spike on his morning constitutional. Hello, Spike. Did you see the frost this morning?

9:20 AM. Spike and I confer on the issue of fall equinoxes and the weather turning colder. He notes that the last squirrel he chased had a really bushy tail. He believes it to be a sign of a cold winter ahead.

Did you catch the squirrel, Spike? That's the more pressing question.

9:35 AM. Spike and I go our ways. The human will no doubt be wondering if I've gotten up to any trouble while being out.

Honestly, roll in one dead animal, or fifty different mud puddles, and they never let you hear the end of it.

10:05 AM. Heading for home. Wondering if that temperamental cat from down the road is out today.

She must love the frost. She's got a frosty personality, after all.

10:10 AM. Home at last. Finding the human out in the barn doing chores. Can I help you, human? Even if I don't have opposable thumbs?

10:35 AM. The human has a tea break. She gives me an oatmeal cookie when I try the sad eyes trick with her.

Yum yum yum...

11:40 AM. The human's back in, having a look at the Weather Channel. That Phillips fellow from Environment Canada is saying it might be a record winter for snow. Or not. It might be cold. Or not. Depending on where you are, and what the jetstream does.

Human, why is someone like this paid to make non-committed statements?

11:42 AM. The human tells me that she could be more accurate with weather forecasting than the goofballs on the Weather Channel.

And more likely to give me treats too. Don't forget that.

12:20 PM. The human is having lunch. I manage to swindle her into giving me a dinner roll. 

2:10 PM. Waking up from nap on the deck. Feels warmer now than it did this morning. That's fall for you....

2:15 PM. The human comes back in for tea. Any chance that I can get another oatmeal cookie, by the way?

2:17 PM. Even better! Peanut butter! Yum yum yum!

4:35 PM. Waking up from another nap. So much sleeping to do, so little time...

5:10 PM. What came first? The dog, or the chewed up slipper? This is the question that has plagued canines since time immemorial.

6:30 PM. The human is making pancakes. Oh boy! 

6:50 PM. The human gives me some pancakes. For some reason, without butter or syrup. She says something about less of a mess that way.

Still tasty, human. I love banana pancakes.

6:52 PM. Ah, I am contented and full. Delicious, very very delicious.

8:10 PM. Side by side with the human on the sofa. Lying with my head on her lap. A show of good support what with the whole feeding me pancakes thing.

11:30 PM. The human is off to bed. Have a good sleep, human. I'll see you in the morning.

Oh, wait, one thing. Do you know what came first? The dog or the chewed up slipper?


  1. Personally, I think that agile terrier looks like a little hamster!

  2. No fair, Spike has a name but what's yours you big squirrel chasing, cookie/pancake eating fur-ball?

  3. Loved the funnies, but most of all the Weimaraners (sic). And who could resist that little guy with the ball wanting someone to play with him. By now, you have probably guessed that I am a doggie person.

  4. Record winter for snow.
    You.Just. Had. To. Slip.That .In. Didn't .You!
    Jane x

  5. My dog is totally the one with the popcorn (picture). She gets so cuddly and sweet whenever food is around. Actually, she sweet all the time, but you always get a head on your lap when you're eating.

    And the "I made an igloo" one made me laugh out loud. :)

  6. @Cheryl: terriers and hamsters, huh?

    @Eve: you know, I haven't named our furry friend yet...

    @Mari: being a doggie person is a good thing!

    @Jane and Chris: I couldn't resist!

    @Kelly: they can't resist food mooching opportunities!

  7. I'm seriously hoping the jet stream misses me. No snow, please! (And the hound fetching--way too cute!)

  8. Fun as usual, love the fox hiding among the dogs !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. I swear, that black dog taking a "bath" looks just like our dog. She would have done that, too.

    And she loved any kind of pancakes!

  10. Finally, an intelligent response to Dummy books!

  11. Hahaha! Love the Samuel L. Dogson photo. :D


    Of course, I'm going to have to share the pug photo with my friend who happens to have a pug named Rocky. lol

  12. @Meradeth: snow is good for you!

    @Norma: doggies do love the pancakes...

    @Lynn: those books have it coming!

    @Diane: pugs are cuties!

    @RedPat: thank you!

  13. Too cute, William! And that Samuel L. Dogson pic is a riot!! Looks just like Poor Samuel.

  14. So which did come first... the dog or the chewed up slipper?

  15. Yup, I've seen that pug dog look in the mirror on occasions William :)Your main character sure knows how to get the tasty treats!

  16. The dog begging for the popcorn... just like my dog. She becomes really sweet and cute when I have food.

  17. The Aussies love Winter, unlike myself, so I am certain you will always been in their good books when they share your posts on their FB page. x

  18. Hahahaha! Great day-in-a-dog's-life thing... but your dog gets banana pancakes for dinner? I'm jealous!!!!

  19. Oh my gosh my dog is exactly the same with treats and just food. He'll only eat one specific doggy treat and one type of food! You give him something, he takes away then just leaves it somewhere haha. He also won't go out in the rain even though he desperately wants a walk!
    I think our dogs are some sort of twins from another litter haha. That first picture is great by the way!


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