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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Clock Upbraids Me With The Waste Of Time

There's never quite enough time in the day. Either I need a few extra hours or I need an intern.

Anyway, as mentioned in the last post, Authors For Oklahoma was getting geared up with the book raffle. There'll be six of these blog entries in total, showing the various books that are being offered up to benefit the American Red Cross in its work to assist those affected by tornado damage in the area around Moore, Oklahoma. The first blog is right here. And click on the Crowdrise link at the bottom; the raffle is tied to that. From there, make ten dollar donations to the Red Cross, and you're entered into the raffle. Also leave us a comment in each blog to let us know what you're interested in. And look for more of those blogs in the days to come. We have quite a few books and ebooks donated to the cause.

I'll be glad when the week is over. I've been writing the entries for those, each blog in turn, and that's finally getting near the end. And I still have blogs to get in place for Canada Day and the Fourth of July. Beyond that... I have a blog to get done before the weekend for Lyn Fuchs... something I've had in mind for awhile on the battle of Gettysburg. At the very least, I did get one thing done and over with. Over at our joint blog, I wrote a fake news article with the unlikeliest director and cast for 50 Shades Of Grey. Go on over and have a look... and comment!

Anyone got six extra hours they can sign over to me, no questions asked?

And a good night's sleep would do nicely too. I miss those.


  1. I really recommend a good night's sleep. You can work faster that way.

  2. At best I sleep about 4 hours a night but I will send them over your way only 2 hour short !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I can relate. I currently need an assistant. At least you've still managed to keep up with all the blogging!

  4. I managed to do some writing today and get in some exercise! Feeling pretty good today--I really needed to stop spending long hours on the internet. Didn't even fall asleep in the middle of the day! Yay!

  5. I'll post a link to this on my Penniless Hearts page. Don't overdo it William!

  6. My cats have plenty of time...I'll send some.
    Jane x

  7. Oh I know, so many posts to squeeze in before the 4th for me too! We can sleep when we're dead.

  8. Good grief! When do you find time to write anything besides blogs???

  9. I'm losing time too. Where does it all go?!

  10. @Mari: that is a most elusive creature, good night's sleeps...

    @Parsnip: Whatever I can get...

    @Carla: at present, I'm falling way, way behind...

    @Norma: got an hour of sleep you can spare?

    @Eve: I'll try!

    @Jane and Chris: kitty style sleep would come in very, very handy about now.

    @Krisztina: I hope I don't have to wait that long!

    @Cheryl: right now, nothing else is coming along with writing, but at least the bulk of that is done.

    @Diane: that's a mystery.

  11. Ah I hear you William, and I know what those long days with too few hours are like. I hope you take it easy on continue to go gentle on yourself! We all sometimes need those little breaks and a change in pace to recover:)

  12. Good luck with this, William. Such a nice thing for you to do being a Canadian and all.

    I'm glad to see you've got yourself up and moving, even if you may have to be running. Take care.

  13. I know what you mean. I need more hours in the day.

  14. If you find someone with some spare time, I'll get their number hey William :) I enjoyed your review, was better than the book, I only managed one chapter of that!!

  15. William, you take on so many responsibilities. I don't know how you get half of it done. No suggestions for you from me. Since I retired, I have become a lazy layabout.

  16. @LondonLulu: I think the worst of that time crunch is behind me.

    @Christine: having something to do in the day helps, oddly enough...

    @Kelly: it would be nice!

    @Grace: I couldn't even manage a chapter of that book!

    @Jack: I wish I could be retired!


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