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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Vote For President And Vice President Of The United States Goes To....

Obviously I can't vote in any such election, so I'm out of the voting running....

Welcome back to another in the line of American election blogs, featuring some of my favourite editorial cartoonists and the theme of the election, which is still as of this point in time, one year, two months, and change away.

That doesn't stop the candidates from hitting the campaign trail, running in primaries, and acting like the election's tomorrow generally.

In this corner, we have the incumbent, occupier of the Oval Office, from Chicago, Illinois... President Obama.

And in the other corner, we have a pack of squabbling Republicans desperate to get the nomination to run against the President.

There is, of course, Michelle Bachmann, who's been making a fair amount of noise lately and frequently making gaffes that make Dubya seem articulate....

Mitt Romney is still the nominal front runner, though he's been rather quiet. Maybe he's trying to figure out if changing his first name to something that's not a baseball item will backfire on him.

And the President himself is dealing with the economy, a partisan enemy that for some reason likes to use an elephant as its party symbol, and questions over how grey his hair is getting.

Of course, now that the Iowa primaries are past us, a latecomer's stepped into the ring. More on Governor Perry next time out. Let's just say that if he gets the nomination, the rest of the world will have a lot of face palm moments.

My friends, I submit to you this proposal. In the next election, instead of voting for the Democrats, the Republicans, the Libertarians, the Pirate Party, or the Joe Lieberman Party, it's time to cast your vote for President and Vice President to two guys who can alternate the jobs each day:


  1. I'll vote for Stewart and Colbert any day.

    I'll say it again. You're at your snarky best when you're taking pit shots at politicians (but then, they make such good targets)!

  2. Oh, please...I hope the American people don't vote in that woman...who also makes Palin seem articulate...

    I agree with Norma...Stewart and Colbert for Prez...

  3. No more liberal schmucks--pahleeze! Spare us!

  4. So true "The Desert Rocks"

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I'd vote for those two anyday! Too funny! I love how the runners start coming out of the closets. Excellent blog on voting.

  6. Colbert would get the South Carolina vote, and they both are just too darned cute. I also think they're both more knowledgeable on the issues than all the others combined.

  7. Funny stuff William. We'll stay tuned for more! There'll be lots more gaffes for the mill before it's over!

  8. I am absolutely dreading the next election. Stewart and Colbert have my vote!!!

  9. I guess the best thing we can do is laugh at what's going on in politics and hope somehow somewhere someone will present us with an honest politician. :) Don't squash my dreams.


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