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Saturday, April 30, 2011

After The Wedding: The Ghost Of The Mad Duchess In Westminster Abbey Versus The Exorcists

And so it's done. The Royal Wedding went off without a hitch. No tripping down the aisle, no exes coming out of nowhere speaking up in objection, no paparazzi managing to sneak in the back door, and no sign of Sarah Ferguson crashing the party with a few Somali pirate warlords in attendance. Just one very typical thing: a wee bit of a problem getting that ring on the finger. It happens.

Rumor had it that Westminster Abbey had been the scene of an exorcism a couple of days before the wedding. I can now tell you that's the absolute truth. Anglican clergy did battle with the ghost of the mad Duchess of Windsor, to prevent her from making a scene. It seems Wallis Simpson still bears a grudge about her Eddie having to abdicate the throne back in the day.

Of course, after the wedding service was done and the guests had left the abbey, the clergyman in this clip went and did something unexpected. And very, very funny.

So, Prince William (or Wills, as some call him) is off the market. The world's most eligible bachelor falls to a new bearer. No, it's not Jack Black. He'd have to murder millions of other single men to get that title. Memo to Jack: maybe try cutting out the stoner slacker schtick. It's really annoying.

No, the title now belongs to Prince Harry, who seems to like looking over his shoulder at weddings and seeing the bride come down the aisle. What did he say to his brother? Some might say that he remarked, "Wait til you see that dress." Others might argue that he said, "Go for it, Wills." And I might suggest that he said, "Can I raise an objection just as a gag later on?"


  1. Hey, you promised you'd play nice. I don't think you'll get to meet them when they make their first official visits as a married couple to Canada!

    Jack Black is also off the market. Go figure.

    What Harry said was, "Wait'll you see what's coming."

    And no pics of the cartwheeling vicar? would have to be completely devoid of romance in their souls to not have enjoyed the royal wedding....

  2. The wedding highlights didn't include the royal hangover after Harry finished all his toasts.

  3. Can't you just imagine Harry after a few years of marriage? Now there's an idea for you!

  4. Well done, William. Loved the cartoons.

  5. Ok, I have to admit...when I was younger, I thought Harry was the ugly the tables have turned and Harry is waaaay cuter than Wills, and he's built like a brick shithouse. I'd take Harry over Wills...that being said, I think I'd take Pippa over Kate...I mean, if I swung that way...Pippa was HOT in that dress...maybe her and Harry should hook up!!!

  6. I think Harry would be the most fun, too....

  7. Love the cartwheeling clergyman ...

  8. was a lovely ceremony. Although, I would've liked to have seen Kate throw up on the queen at the curtsey moment. That would've been talked about forever.

  9. I still like the Queen toting the gun. I lived in Miami for 30+ years so I think she has the right idea!

  10. I agree with Halli. Although, if she ever visited New Haven, CT, she'd need a bulletproof vest and a M16 (not that there is anything in New Haven to visit).

  11. @Norma: This was playing nice! Well, not so much to the late Duchess of Windsor...

    @Karla: to be a fly on the wall during Harry's toast...

    @Beth: Pippa nearly upstaged the bride!


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