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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why Can't We Vote For None Of The Above?

And so here we are. Tomorrow, across the Great White North, voters will go to the polls (at least those who bother doing so). They'll have to choose the candidate they like in their riding, and the party they agree with. Or, more realistically, which of these morons is least likely to screw the pooch royally.

My dislike for Herr Harperfuhrer is pretty well established by this point. Not to say I'm a fan of the opposition either, of course. And so I'll have to do my democratic duty, vote for a party I don't like to start with, and hope that the schoolyard thug doesn't get a majority.

I'll next blog on Thursday, for a couple of reasons. One's to catch up on blog reading elsewhere. The other is to give myself a few days... the next blog will deal with the aftermath of this mayhem and chaos we call a Canadian election campaign.

By this time Tuesday, I'll either be annoyed in the extreme if a majority happens, or deeply relieved if it's a minority. If it's the latter, Herr Harperfuhrer will have failed a third time to capture a majority and will look for an early retirement. And Mr. Personality Deprived Iggy will be doing the same.

Anyway, until next we meet, the editorial cartoonists have been busy. Oh, and if little Stephen and his cabal of right wing nutbars and flying monkeys happen to read this blog (one never knows, what with his control freak ways), well...

Hey, Stevie... bite me.


  1. As funny as the cartoons are, my favorite part is "Hey, Stevie...bite me."

    In all the time I've known you, I have never known you to say "bite me" to anyone. I get the impression you really don't like him....

  2. LOL You know, I guess I'm with you in that we will be choosing the lesser of all the evils...I don't want to, my hubby doesn't want to, but we will...

    And, I agree with Norma...I can't picture you saying "Hey, Stevie...bite me" either...LOL But, it would be funny to say that to him.

    Happy voting tomorrow, William...I just hope Harper and Iggy don't make it in...

    But, I'd like to vote for "No one is good enough" there such a candidate???

    Great blog!

  3. We could always send you Donald Trump.

  4. I wish I knew who all these people are so I could understand who is who... but since I am having plenty of problems with all the crazies Democrats and Republicans alike in Washington, I will just enjoy your political cartoons and parting comment of "bite me"
    Too perfect !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I'm tired of the politics. The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin and equally destructive. They get elected to squabble like little children then throw temper tantrums at the cost of the citizens.

  6. The Desert Rocks doesn't do politics, but loves you anyway. Hope it all turns out the way you want it to.LOL

  7. LOL... you find the best cartoons! Good luck on those elections. ALways the lesser of two evils. Hopefully you don't get stuck with a Rick Scott kinda politician like we did in FLA. Shameful. *shakes head in disgust*

  8. Too good and too funny. Can't wait to hear how the elections go. In the meantime, take the next few days slowly and enjoy yourself.

  9. @Norma: Is my dislike for Herr Harperfuhrer that obvious?

    @Beth: if only we could vote in for "Nobody Is Good Enough."

    @Karla: You can keep the bloated ego with the bad hair combover. I'll be blogging on him down the line...

    @Parsnip and Susan: Thank you!

  10. @Mike: I've sat in the visitor's gallery in Parliament and watched this pack of monkeys squabble. Children are better behaved.

    @Eve: I hope so too!

    @PK: I've heard strange things about Rick Scott...

    @Donna: I'll be ignoring the newscasts tonight.

  11. Well, I've done my civic duty and voted. In the paper this past weekend (I knew there was something I missed when I wrote this up) there was mention of a local riding held by a Conservative named Pierre Poilivere. He's known for putting his foot in his mouth, and for being a rabid attack dog who's one of Harper's inner cabal. A resident told a pollster that given a choice between Pierre and Colonel Gadhaffi, she'd vote for the Colonel.

    Moammar, you've got a voter interested in you in case that whole Libya thing goes belly up on you.


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