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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wedding Extravaganza Of The Epoch

And so the big day is finally upon us. As of this writing, in a little under twelve hours, Prince William will be marrying Kate Middleton, and the eyes of the world will be upon them.

Twelve hours of single life left for the both of them. A long, sleepless night, no doubt. Too late to back out of it now. Too late to just impulsively decide to elope.

Seeing as how William will one day be King of my home country (unless Harper manages to pull off his top secret plan to have himself crowned Emperor of North America, and no, that's not a joke), I thought I'd poke a little fun at the monarchy on the eve of the wedding. Oh, and by the way, I like the monarchy.

Of course the glaring eyes of the media will be there. In an ideal world, the Queen could have the dreck of the tabloid and entertainment reporters locked away in the Tower of London. They're a lower form of life then we regular homo sapiens, after all.

I'd even be willing to lend Inspector Lars Ulrich to the effort to take out the reporters. He hates them, you know, and he's not going to let a little thing like being a fictional character get in the way of kicking butt and taking names....

Without further ado, I give you... the Royal Family.


  1. And you LIKE the Royals....

    What would you do to them if you didn't like them?

    Seriously, this is one very funny blog....

  2. I love the one of the Queen and Charles laughing and pointing at the Peasants...Love it!
    It was a funny blog...!

  3. Love, Love, Love this blog...

    The Queen Packing Heat is Perfect ! and Bruce Lee is rolling over in his grave over The Royal Dragon.

    Kinda glad you don't really know me, that way I can hopefully stay on your good side. Like Norma said. "and you like the Royals"

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Ha ha! I'm with Beth. The one where they're pointing and supposedly laughing at peasants is the best!

  5. I enjoyed that a little too much.
    And I DON'T like the royals!

    A x

  6. Kate and William are definitely a beautiful couple.

  7. I know nothing about this royal wedding other than the names of the bride and groom. I see celebs are constantly bombarded. Makes me glad I'm not famous.

  8. I'm surprised they didn't just schedule the wedding as the super bowl half time show.

  9. If that is what you do when you like someone, I better not get on your bad side!
    I do love the one of the Queen packing heat! She's got the right idea.

    And of course how could you not laugh at those silly peasants. Oh wait... I am one of those silly peasants!

  10. Aw, you beat me to it ... plus, my piece on the wedding doesn't include funny pictures ...

  11. I wonder if the Queen will wear that attractive babushka on the big day.

  12. I've gone back in and added a couple to this one... and no doubt there's more to come. Either that or I'll do a coda blog...

    @Parsnip: I've seen the Queen packing heat one before, and loved it.

    @Halli: Yes, we're all peasants. Though rumor has it I'm now Sir William.

    @Lynn: Who knows? I don't, given that the power was out at my place overnight and I missed the wedding!

  13. Lo, there shalt be a sequel to this blog tomorrow.

    And the late Wallis Simpson is going to kill me.


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