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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guest Blog: Norma Beishir ~ Please Spay Or Neuter Your Politicians

Today I'm handing the reins in my blog over to my partner in crime, Norma Beishir, who has what I think we all agree is a very reasonable idea. Well, maybe not if your name is John Edwards. Take it away, Norma!

Think about it. When you have a dog or cat who's spreading a little too much of himself around the neighborhood, what do you do? You take him to the vet and get him fixed. He stops roaming, stays at home. Now, if it works so well for the family pet, would it not keep our elected officials in line as well?

Since the men are the ones always in trouble, maybe we'd better focus on neutering. For now.

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is the poster boy for bad behavior these days. He's been charged with paying an underage prostitute $60,000. for sex. He claims he gave her the money to open a spa. Not since Caligula has the Roman Empire experienced such decadence! This man should definitely get the ol' snip-snip....

In Canada, there's a Harper cabinet minister named Maxine Bernier. He left sensitive documentation at an ex-girlfriends' place. She was notable for turning up at a cabinet function in a very low cut dress.  

There's a current scandal going on involving a former aide to Prime Minister Harper, a man in his sixties named Bruce Carson, who's engaged to a former call girl in her twenties. They're both being looked at for some shady dealing involving lobbying and influence peddling.

Lock up the Viagra. That should keep him out of trouble.

The US, of course, is notorious for politicians who have a problem keeping it in their pants. Thomas Jefferson fathered children with slave Sally Hemings. The tabloids gave us "proof" of John Kennedy's roving eye years after his assassination. Bill Clinton's Oval Office antics are well-known, making him a favorite target of late-night comics. 

And then there's the notoriously sleazy John Edwards, who was out making a baby with trampy Rielle Hunter while his wife Elizabeth was dying of cancer.

What really ticks me off is that I almost voted for him. He came off as being so decent, so honest. that his political career is dead, maybe he should try his hand at acting.

I'm thinking porn star. Aren't there already some videos out there...somewhere?

Years ago, CBS aired a soap called Capitol. A soap opera set in Washington DC, featuring a Joe Kennedy-like patriarch and the children he manipulated. Washington and soap operas--now that seems like a perfect fit, yet the soap failed and was cancelled after a short run. Why? The storylines were pretty tame compared to the real Beltway affairs. The show's big scandal was the young congressman Trey Clegg, in love with a prostitute who had also bedded his dear old dad.

Maybe if the writers had taken their plots from the headlines....


  1. Thank you, Norma, for doing this! Very funny!

  2. Thank you, partner, for the chance to sound off here!

  3. I loved it! Very funny. Excellent blog.

  4. Wait till Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes sees this!

  5. My goodness you two are like two peas in a pod! You really do think alike!!! Great blog!!!!

  6. wahahahhahahaahah...
    Great post today !
    I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Funny... I always love the skits on SNL that poke fun at such scandals.

  8. This is better than what any news channel could deliver.

  9. Loved this, Norma. I think politicians should be spayed/ neutered!


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