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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The First Rate Nutbar Gets Paranoid

While we continue to wait for Gadhafi to finally throw in the towel (I'm sure Vegas is taking bets on when it'll happen), I saw his daughter on the news the other day, hollering a call to arms to his supporters. It gave me a very devious idea about future writings in my genre....

Anyway, the editorial cartoonists continue on the offensive of using everyone's favourite wacky dictator as fodder for their toons, while he uses Libyan civilians for cannon fodder. Oh, and NATO and the coalition are taking their sweet time blundering about for some reason....


  1. The political cartoonists are really going to miss him when he's gone. Ahmadinejad is too hard to spell.

    Hilarious blog, as always, partner!

  2. I like the "Let's sit down and watch" one...very funny...

    Great blog!

  3. Those cartoons would be funnier if it wasn't so TRAGICALLY true! Sigh. I hope he gets booted out soon.

  4. Again, too funny! My favorite is the Libyan IQ test. It's like my son says - they have to know that what goes up comes back down. Great blog.

  5. I love the Mission Accomplished cartoon. So many to choose from, so little time.

  6. Awesome. I wonder if all of the pot smokers saw this since it is 4/20.

  7. Today Tim Hetherington died in Libya and this stupid idiot still lives.
    My friend Kanani of "The Kitchen Dispatch" wrote about the death of her friend on her blog. She worked for National Geography in promoting his and Sebastian Junger's Academy Award nominated film "Restrepo".
    This is a sad loss.


  8. Haha these are great political comments. Come check me out,


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