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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Elections Would Be So Much More Tolerable Without The Politicians

It seems like it's already been weeks, or months since the election here in Canada has been called, and we're not even halfway through the campaign. Maybe it's the incessant number of election signs. The campaign whistle stops. The endless political ads. Calls coming in the evening from every party known to Canadians (no trace of the Vampire Bunny Party, strangely; did anyone tell them about the election?).

 And the choice for us to make?

A Conservative Prime Minister who has dictatorial tendencies and thinks the word progressive is the most obscene word in the English language.

A Liberal leader who's desperately short on personality. And by short, I mean he doesn't have a personality.

A too far to the left leader of the New Democrats who can't take the hint to do something about that '70s porn star moustache.

A Green Party leader who can't get herself into a leadership debate, let alone consider the idea of running in a riding where she might stand a chance of winning. I mean, is the woman trying to lose deliberately?

And in Quebec, a deranged separatist who loves the word referendum, and looks like that crazy guy you always thought would be the one who'd go postal in school.

Oh, and if we're talking about fringe parties, one can always throw their vote away on the Marxist Leninists, the Communists, the Marijuana Party (they really need to remind their supporters which day the polls open, because otherwise they'll be too stoned to vote), the Libertarians, and the Pirate Party (Avast, ye scabberous dogs! Bring me that horizon!).

I keep telling myself to be patient. It'll be all over by the beginning of May. Which seems so far away....


  1. You really don't have much to choose from up there. Your politicians are almost as bad as ours.

    But the toons prove that even politicians have some cartoonists and late-night comics.

    Great blog!

  2. All I have to say is in response to the title of your post: AMEN


  3. Ha! Layton does need to get rid of that porn star mustache, for sure.

  4. Politicians are no more than a Ken and Barbie Doll talking with someone else's voice. Feel your pain.

  5. Down where I am, there are hardly any signs at all. I don't know if it's because the election was called on a whim and the candidates didn't have time to get their signs made up or if it's just that no one knows who to vote for...I'm going to say it's because no one knows who to vote for...

    Cause, I certainly don't.

  6. I so agree with Norma's comment.
    What a great set of Editorial cartoons you found. I follow Adrian Raeside's The Other Coast, on my comic page and now found out he does Editorial cartoons too ! Absolutely love his content, style and him.

    How ever awful you feel about your choices, I think Arizona has you beat in the loss of common sense department.
    Obama's Washington Government has knocked down an Arizona law that said you must prove your a citizen of the USA to vote. Hello ? ? ?
    Seems that California, Arizona and Texas has the fastest growing illegal population with growth/births in America.
    The Democrat Party is courting this demographic and do not want to upset the illegal Hispanic voters. They can upset me because I am only one vote and not thousands.
    So my government next election will be run by people voted in by a huge illegal vote.

    I have been a Registered Democrat since my first election but I don't vote straight party line...but I no longer want to be aligned with the party of Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Obama.

    So if you think you have it bad, just look south !
    we are so weird !

    Great blog today ! I love your Political cartoon posts.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. My TV will be off during election season. It's not like it provides any usable information anyway.

  8. @Norma: At least the editorial cartoonists stay happy!

    @Karla: No thanks. Keep Ralphie.

    @Beth: up here, they were putting signs up before the election was called.

    @angryparsnip: I love that strip myself. A few months ago I found his editorial cartoon work at the Victoria Times-Colonist. He's got a couple of months of toons archived there. Some of it's British Columbia centric, but it's brilliantly funny.

  9. Aw, poor Layton and his porn-star moustache! :) Your run down of the politicians made me laugh.


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