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Thursday, January 13, 2011

In Character: Eden Adler

Another blog from the point of view of a character, this one taken at a point some years in the past....


There's a common belief that identical twins can read each others' thoughts. They're joined at the hip, seem to know exactly what the other one will do, and regularly switch places, just to annoy parents, teachers, and any other authority figure who has trouble telling them apart.

That's what it's like for Mia and I. I'm the older, by all of ten minutes. She and I have been inseperable all of our lives. And while we're physically identical, there are a few personality differences. She's more outgoing then I am. I'm a bit more of a tech geek. Still, when we want to, we get to trading places, taking each others' classes, wearing the others' clothing... and no one's the wiser.

The bond we have... I can't explain it. It's something different then how it is with siblings who aren't twins. And it's deeper then the friendships we have. In some ways, I'm closer to her then I could ever be to a lover.

And now she's dead.

I was in class... and she was in a mall in Tel Aviv. There was a suicide bomber. She was one of sixteen people murdered by a suicide bomber who decided to take as many civilians with her as she could.

Before I even heard the news, I felt that something was wrong. And I knew that something had happened to Mia. I just can't believe it's this. I can't believe she's dead.

How can I go on alone? The other half of my soul is gone. My sister... my closest, dearest friend... my Mia. She's dead. I can't go on without her. Life without her in it... is unthinkable.

Me again. When I visualize Eden, I can see her in the actress Anna Silk.


  1. Having read your manuscript, I knew a bit about Eden already. This is excellent--and Anna Silk is very close to how I would have pictured her.

    More character blogs, please!

  2. Wow, what a believable, 3-dimensional character.

  3. Very believable. Thanks for the read.

  4. God, I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to lose the owner of the other part of your soul...Good job!

  5. Very cool! Great character sketch!

  6. Do you do this for each character? I like your character sketches. Maybe I should try it.

  7. I'm with Joanna! More, more! Great voice.

  8. I got the idea from Norma, who does these character blogs so incredibly well (if you haven't checked them out among her blogs, do so). It's a great way to get inside the character's heads, and I really recommend it.

    I've got ideas for more of them, so they'll turn up from time to time.

  9. Isn't Norma awesome? Someday when I get brave I'll try this too. Great sketch!!

  10. Becky, I wish I could take the credit, but I didn't invent this. I just brought it into the 21st century. Some writers used to do character journal entries.

  11. Eden's indeed a sad character... but strangely fun to write.


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