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Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet Temptation

He felt as though he was being watched. Turning, he saw Delilah watching him, carnal lust flooding into her eyes at the sight of his bare chest. Diego let his eyes wander over her, had wondered on more then a few occasions what was beneath that nun's habit. She strode across the bedroom, reaching for him, her hands coming to his jaw, pulling him close, into a kiss.

Before he realized it, his hands were on her, stroking, caressing, feeling the slender body in his arms. He felt her hands over the bare flesh of his back, her tongue probing his mouth, craving.  She gasped, her hands moving lower. "Diego," she groaned as he undid her dress, letting it fall away from around her. "I want you."

He could feel her unbuckling his pants, their need driving them both. It occurred to him that he was committing a mortal sin, lusting and craving a sister of the cloth. He set that thought aside once he got a look at her naked, stunning figure...

And then the writer burst into the room,, yelling, "Why are you interrupting my blog?"

Got you, didn't I?

I can hear the "come on!!!" right now.

Now then, while you're busy getting your torches and pitchforks, I'll go into what I'm really up to today. I'm going to be writing a scene for the book in the next couple of days, a quiet moment between my two main characters. It's probably the last quiet moment they'll have in the book. What does that have to do with the above? Well, it features Devon walking in on a shirtless Stryker in his quarters.

Now, though I'm writing in the spy genre, I'm not taking a page from Ian Fleming. Stryker is not meant to be derivative of James Bond. If he was, he'd have shagged the ski resort receptionist, the airline attendant, that cute embassy clerk, and the foreign agent/ cellist/ computer programmer with the odd name by now. Obviously not at the same time.

It's not that sort of scene, so get your minds out of the gutter. I mean you! Yes, there's adult situations in what I've written, but for the most part, it's been villains getting the action, not my protagonists. What is it about villains?

For the scene that I've got in mind, Devon walks in on him, finding him shirtless... and sees his scars. I've hinted earlier in the book at events that I'd be writing about in a prequel. There's a faded scar clearly visible on the man's face, but these are the scars that are usually covered.

The events in question lead back to the year before, to what led the two characters to meet. Stryker is a man who's been tortured, and he bears the scars. Devon knows what he's been through, and to see the evidence, even though it's healed, it's a harrowing reminder of just how dangerous their lives can be.

As I said, it's their last quiet moment. It's the night before the Very Bad Thing. And writing it is going to take great care.

Now then, back to Diego and Delilah, who are busily getting up close and personal, and... oh, you two don't want an audience?



  1. I should have realized when you told me her name is Delilah that it was going to be a naughty nun scenario!

    I really like what you're doing with Stryker and Devon....

  2. They sound like an interesting lot. Good write up.

  3. Sorry William, didn't work on me. I was imagining the "hole-y" old worn-out, grayish white briefs on Delilah.

  4. As she removed her wimple and shook out her long blond hair, Delilah stood before him wearing nothing but a crucifix. "Genuflect for me, baby." he whispered hoarsely.

  5. Sounds like an interesting story!

  6. Stryker? So this is his story before he recruits Wolverine and Sabertooth . . .

    And yes, "I mean you", I'm sure you were referring to me.

    BTW, that cake topper on the last picture, if I had found that 10 years ago, that would have been the cake topper at my wedding and I'm sure my wife would have gone for it.

  7. Wrong Stryker, though I could definitely see Brian Cox playing the part of spymaster Udi Zahavi...

  8. @Karla-that's what I was going to say!!!

  9. Sorry, I can't concentrate on anything you're saying now!

  10. Pretty steamy stuff! Can't wait to read the novel! BTW, love the wedding cakes:).

  11. Geez, you had me going. I was thinking 'really?' You just make your book more and more interesting all the time. I can't wait for it to come out in print.


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