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Friday, November 19, 2010

101 Ways To Be A Versatile Blogger

Well, as they say, pay it forward (horrible movie, by the way). And so here we go.

This week Christina Lucas awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award! As such, there are certain terms and conditions attached (no, not the soul of your first born).

There are four rules to this, and they are as follows....

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

Thank you, Christina, at LIFE & STYLE, for giving me the award. Much appreciated!

2. Share seven things about yourself.

-One of my favourite places to be is on a cliff overlooking Whitefish Lake, on the Centennial Ridges Trail, in Algonquin Park. The view is beyond outstanding.

-Give me a good rock wall to climb, and I'm happy.

-I call my sisters harpies. Believe me, they deserve it.

-My sister-in-law counts General James Longstreet among her family. It's good company. The man was, after all, a genius. I suspect some Southerners are going to be sore with me about giving the General his due credit....

-I can't cook worth a damn. I suspect I'd burn water. 

-It took me awhile growing up for my fine motor skills to properly develop. My handwriting to this day remains hieroglyphic. You need the Rosetta Stone to read it.   

-I have a bit of an allergy to Chinese food. Let's just leave it at egg rolls, chicken balls, and the sweet and sour sauce, trust me.

3. Pass the award on to twelve bloggers you have recently discovered and think are fantastic:
Kilimanjaro And Beyond
Adventures of an Amateur Writer
The Quest For A Literary Agent
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Writing Horses
Nathalie Schiltz
Talli Roland
PK Hrezo

4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award.

I shall do so anon!


  1. Ah, the power of suggestion. I had to joke about the Harpies....

  2. My sister's writing looks like an EKG. Congrats on the award - well deserved!

  3. Thanks, again William! And now I know what to do:).

  4. Oh, thanks! I did miss this one. Thanks for letting me know! I shall display it with pride, thank you kind sir.... harpies! For shame! lol!;)


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