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Monday, October 6, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Cat

I have a couple of links to see to before we get started. Yesterday having had been a Sunday, we had  a Snippet Sunday post. And Lorelei had this recipe at her blog.

Now then, it's time for the cat to express her own opinions on the day at hand...

7:40 AM. Slowly waking up. Disturbed from slumber by the staff walking by, coming from upstairs. I watch her go into the kitchen.

7:41 AM Big stretch. Must check on staff. I expect breakfast post haste. 

7:42 AM. Well, staff, there you are. Do you suppose it's time for my breakfast?

7:45 AM. Much to my surprise, the staff doesn't put down a bowl of field rations as usual for breakfast. Instead it's tuna and a bowl of milk. 

All right, what are you buttering me up for? Are we taking a visit to the vet?

7:47 AM. Eating breakfast. Satisfactory to my high standards. 

8:05 AM. Out on back porch. Watching the grass grow. I can hear that annoying dog barking in the distance. Honestly, has that dog ever heard of not making noise?

8:35 AM. The staff seems occupied in baking. This is an unusual thing for her.

8:38 AM. A quick consultation of the wall calendar suggests it's Thanksgiving in a few days. The Canadian version, that is. We don't go over the top and make a whole production of it, unlike our Yankee neighbours. Okay, that might explain all the baking the staff is doing. 

Just as long as she doesn't think of inviting her family over here without my permission.

8:45 AM. The staff mentions in passing while baking that she's invited her sister and the family for Thanksgiving. Wait a minute... the sister with the idiot husband and those mewling brats? How dare you try that without my permission! So is this why you served me a proper breakfast this morning? Trying to get on my good side?

I walk into the living room without a word, and find a pillow to bury my head under for awhile. Maybe I'm having a bad dream.

10:55 AM. Waking up from nap. Staff still baking, from the smells of things. Unfortunately that means her earlier revelation remains in place.

I'll have to scope out good hiding spots in advance. Those brats would torment me all day if they ever found me.

10:59 AM. The staff is cutting up a pumpkin pie that didn't quite go to plan. She asks if I want any. Well, it can't hurt...

11:03 AM. Oh, that's good... staff, did you put any booze in this pie?

11:45 AM. Staring out the window at the birds all over the lawn. It won't be long until most of the flying lunch scatters for points south for the winter.

12:10 PM. Out for another stroll. I think I'll take my time.

12:41 PM. Coming out of the woods. Let's see, where are we again?

12:43 PM. Oh no, it's that place where that annoying dog lives. And here he comes!

12:44 PM. And even worse, he's wagging that tail of his. Why won't you just leave me alone, annoying dog?

12:46 PM. Chewing out the dog and employing some choice words that sailors might be shocked by. This time he walks away instead of trying to sniff me or lick me.

1:15 PM. Back home. The staff lets me in. Staff, tell me, is there anyway to have dogs banned in this area?

1:28 PM. While the staff continues to bake in the kitchen, I content myself in reading the historical origins of Thanksgiving. Apparently some people believe in a creature called the Turkquatch. 

Turkquatch? Who writes these things? A deranged lunatic?

1:48 PM. Musing on the meaning of the catnip throw toy. Is it catnip first? Or is it a toy? 

5:55 PM. Watching the staff making dinner. Lamb as a main dish. I'm not sure why she likes cauliflower, but she's cooking some of that too.

6:20 PM. Dinner time. The staff gives me milk and lamb. Oh, that's fine, staff, have that cauliflower. I won't complain if you have that all by yourself. By the way, is there any more of that pumpkin pie?

6:45 PM. More pumpkin pie for dessert. Very tasty!

9:50 PM. Sitting on the back of the couch. Contemplating escape routes and bolt holes for this Thanksgiving. I can't be caught by any of my staff's foolish family. Particularly those brats.

11:40 PM. The staff is off to bed. I may stay down here for the night.

And figure out a way to break into the fridge and help myself to more of that pumpkin pie.


  1. You speak feline fluently!

    The pics are all cute, but as always, Grumpy Cat gets my vote!

  2. Must admit the thought of some of my relatives makes me want more cream pie also.. Poor pussy cat :)

  3. Anything mentioning Schrodinger gets my vote!
    Jane x

  4. LOLOL!! My human walk like this. :D

    Too cute. I needed this little bit of catnip this morning. Thanks!

  5. Oh good Lord! Mewbacca! What the heck is that?

  6. My cat does the 'song of the people' thing in the middle of the night. I'm thinking about banishing her to the garage.

  7. Not sure I'll ever understand this species.

  8. hahahaha... I bought the airplane cat toy just because it was fun and I wanted it. I have had it for over 10 years and never made it.
    Maybe I shall make it now.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. @Norma: feline is a beautiful language!

    @Grace: she deserves a break from annoying relatives!

    @Jane and Chris: thanks!

    @Diane: You're welcome!

    @Kelly: well, it's cute!

    @Cheryl: heaven forbid!

    @Eve: they're not meant to be understood, just adored.

    @Parsnip: you should!

  10. Our cats are NOT happy about the new puppy! They were like, "What were you thinking...we just got rid of the other one!!!" Hopefully they will come to some kind of agreement soon:) Love anything to do with cats; they are sooo funny!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving! I now officially want some pumpkin pie. Or the Mewbaca kitten--too cute!

  12. I loved all the cute pics, especially the grumpy cat!


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