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Monday, February 24, 2014

All Hail The Imperial Tsar Vladimir The Annoyed Autocrat

Before we get ourselves started today, have a look over at our joint blog for a Snippet Sunday post, and let us know what you think of the passage. And go on over to Norma's blog for a post on dreams and the afterlife.

The Winter Olympics of Sochi have reached an end, and strangely enough, the closing ceremonies didn't turn out in the manner in which I wrote them (go figure). 

I thought I'd wrap things up with an image blog.

And so I leave you with the work of editorial cartoonists from here and abroad, playing around with the theme of the Winter Games in various ways. Enjoy!


  1. Old Vlad is even creepy in cartoon form!

    Grumpy Cat has it right!

  2. I always wonder if Putin somehow knows he's a creep?

    The Olympics have seemed super long in Sochi. I usually only watch figure skating and then it's over for me, but everywhere I go, the Olympic channels are tuned in. Argh!

  3. Your blog did not want to let me comment. The box kept opening up blank. Anyway, it seems to be behaving now.

    Some of these are terrible, which made me laugh harder. ;)

  4. Loved the cats watching TV during the break! My black and white one sits just this way!

  5. Oh, forgot to say congrats to Canada! Y'all did pretty good at the big event!

  6. Congrats to Canada but why did the men's hockey team win and the Maple Leafs always lose ?
    plus you sill have Rob Ford.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. @Norma: Vladimir specializes being creepy!

    @Diane: well, now it's done!

    @Kelly: it must have been a glitch.

    @Cheryl: I haven't seen cats sit like this!

    @Parsnip: well, it's true, we still have to put up with Rob Ford...

  8. Aww, I'm sad that the games didn't end as you predicted! :)

  9. Oddly, I paid almost no attention to Winter Olympics this year, rather unusual considering I used to try watching at least a bit! I guess Vlad Putin cast his spell...

  10. I've seen a few of these before. Your post kept me chuckling throughout.

  11. Wait. There was an Olypics in Russia?lol How did I miss that? Oh, wait. Can't get in that channel because of this new fangled way we have to watch it. (still using antenna-refuse to PAY to watch TV)

    Anyway, the Curling event looks... interesting.

    Funny stuff, William! And I agree with Norma, Vlad looks creepier in cartoon form. Intentional, you think?
    Congrats to Canada!

  12. The Winter Olympics seemed longer than the four years in between' made me smile William :) They did seem to be never ending!

  13. I didn't get around to watching the Olympics. I usually try to at least watch the opening ceremony. I was paying more attention to the controversy then the actual games.

  14. I didn't pay too much attention this time. I had a friend who is a sports therapist who applied to help out at the games and was told Russia didn't want too many Americans in their country. She was denied. So poop on Russia.


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