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Monday, July 16, 2012

Pay No Attention To The Spin Doctor Behind The Curtain

Before I get started with the mischief for today, have a look over at our joint blog, where we have our fictional tabloid the International Intruder interviewing a tabloid photographer, a supporting character in our book. Jeremy is, in short, a real rotten bastard. Which makes him strangely fun to write.

Now then, onto the business at hand....

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And the idea that someday political action committees are going to hijack the whole process. And spin doctors are going to call the shots of election campaigns. Come to think of it, has the term spin doctor been invented yet?" ~ Franklin Roosevelt

The endless election ordeal in the United States drags on and on. The President and Governor Mittens continue to fire shots across each other's bow. The Crazy Old Man has yet to have formally pulled out of the Republican race (or maybe he has and no one reported it). And as usual, the editorial cartoonists of the world continue to skewer all sides mercilessly. It's a good thing. At least it gives us some levity.

Governor Mittens (his parents really must have hated him to name him Mitt) continues his quest to become President of the United States, despite the fact that the Republican party wishes that their man in this year's election was, well... someone else. Anyone else. Mittens has been struggling to connect with the general public, to relate to them... and he continues to look painfully awkward about it. He's been stumbling on pretty much everything, from immigration to his own wealth and tax status to health care to sitting down with the NAACP.  Note to the Romney campaign staff: freshen up your resumes. Odds are you'll be looking for new posts in early November.

And while the President has some obstacles of his own to contend with in the run up to the election, it seems, at least to this outsider... that the Republican party has already done all the hard work for him. Governor Mittens was raked over the coals during the nomination process, and somehow has managed to squeeze out enough delegates going into the convention for the job of becoming the sacrificial goat... er, going up against the President in November.

President Obama took lots of notes during the skewering. Sorry, Mittens. Oh, by the way... if you lose in November (and odds are you will, because just on the basis of your name alone, you have no business in a higher office), this will have been your last chance at running for President.

And so the ordeal continues. It seems endless, but we're getting there, my friends. In time. Until next time, I leave you with three thoughts. First... for those of you who are fans of the books or television series... a cross comparison of sorts. One of you will have to explain them to me; I've never once crossed the Game of Thrones path.

And for those of you who might still be on the fence as to who to vote for in November....

Stubbs, Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska

Of course, if you must vote for a human, go for someone who's not a Republican or Democrat.

Vote MacGyver.


  1. Mayor Stubbs gets my vote. Animals are running the world anyway!

    When you next cross our border, I have a feeling a not-so-welcoming committee is going to be waiting for you....

    But your fans love you, even if the guys in Washington don't....

  2. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to vote in that Mitt guy...based solely on the way he looks...he's like MacGinty (or however you spell that weasels name)...I'm not sure about Mitt, but one thing I do know--our weasel is an a$$hole...I'll bet their's is too.

  3. @Norma: they're far more honest than human politicians could be!

    @Eve: he's entirely too cute for his own good!

    @Beth: the opposition (Little Timmy Hudak) is even more inept. Which leaves us with the inevitable voting further to the left option.

  4. Sir Poops and Hair Ball are considering to run.


  5. Had my laugh for the day:)! I'm just counting down to when it'll finally be all over!

  6. I've been to Talkeetna. Now I realize one of the big reasons it is such a great town. Mayor Stubbs, the ultimate in leadership-uninterested in and staying out of the people's business!

  7. Excellent selection of comic strips, satyrical and bright, I like that. I guess sometimes politics are so terrible that we must learn to laugh a bit.


  8. Thank you so much for leaving words of comfort for me on the passing of my beloved cat, Alex. Marc and I are heartbroken. We know we did the right thing, and every day we realize how much Alex was “preparing us” during the last few weeks, but it doesn’t make it any easier. We can’t stop the tears…. But having wonderful friends, like you, and the support of the CB is making it better….

  9. @Lynn: I have to see that town.

    @Arion: laugh so we don't cry, I think...

    @Hilary: I'm so very sorry about Alex. Losing a pet is very, very hard.


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