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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Chronicles Of Elections: The President, The Mittens, And The Wardrobe

Well, the endless ordeal that is the American election campaign grinds ever on. Governor Mittens continues on the road to his inevitable crowning as Republican nominee for November. Only one contender, the Crazy Old Man known as Ron Paul, still stands in his way. The Crazy Old Man has pretty much stopped campaigning (the money must be running out, and first rule of campaigning: never dip into your own money), but hasn't quite thrown in the towel. Rumor has it he's taking a very long nap, in hopes that if no one wakes him, he can't actually concede the nomination.

And so the editorial cartoonists remain hard at work, lampooning the process, while the President and his staff sharpen the knives and prepare to finish what the rest of the GOP nominees started in tearing apart Governor Mittens. I've said it before, I'll say it again... it's going to be a long summer....

President Obama has, of late, made the point that Public Enemy #1 (no, not Kim Kardashian, but thanks for thinking that) was killed on his watch. Obviously it annoyed Governor Mittens, particularly the implication that on his watch, it might have never happened...

And one of the failed contenders, Fig Newtons, aka the Newtron Bomb, still made noise as the door hit him on the way out. In an ideal world, Fig Newtons would love to be on the ticket as Vice President (this after savagely attacking Governor Mittens for months on end). The political cartoonists of the world love this guy. He gives them no end of material....

Well, Romney has things pretty much in hand. He's well ahead of the Crazy Old Man and working on his campaign strategy, alienating independent voters with his inability to empathize with average people, and choosing a VP running mate (Mama Bear, aka Sarah Palin, would like to volunteer). Not to mention getting all foggy when anyone asks him about certain bullying things he used to do in school. The party itself keeps wondering, do we have to have this guy run for the presidency? Can't it be someone else? Better luck in 2016, Republicans. This is what you get for destroying the moderate wing of the party.

Yes, my friends... it'll be a long, long stretch yet until November. By which time the whole thing will start all over again with the run-up to 2016.

It never ends!!!

And in closing, this tidbit....

Personally, I'd trust Gul Dukat more then I'd trust Romney, but there's really a remarkable resemblance, isn't there? Must run in the Cardassian genes.


  1. One election ends here and they start gearing up for the next one. The only ones who really benefit are the political cartoonists and the late-night comics.

    Great cartoons, as always!

  2. Ugh, election time. I never like either candidate. It makes voting very difficult.

  3. The cartoons were hilarious. I have nightmares thinking what the world would be like if Romney won and I didn't even know Ron Paul hadn't dropped out. Great post!

  4. Great blog and pics as always! Love the one with the limo and the last one. Scary the resemblance with Gul Dukat. Yikes! Take care, Will!

  5. Not only do I have to hear about the Presidential campaign, in Wisconsin we have an upcoming election to impeach the inept Governor so I have to hear those ads too.

  6. Oh, dear God! You've done it again! I'll never get anything done today...

    That last pic was super scary.

  7. Hmmm, the tattoos seem to match the id.

    Great cartoons, as always.

  8. I laugh uneasily. I would rather be on your side of the border, though is it any safer there?

  9. I'll just be glad when this campaigning and election stuff is over. There are no good choices here.

  10. You've got a little of that "Separated at Birth" thing going on at the end--pretty creepy!

  11. I'm with Maria...that is pretty creepy!!

  12. @Maria and Beth: wait til you see the next election blog for another one of those...

    @Moon Child: considering what the schoolyard bully calling himself the Prime Minister is doing to our country's good reputation right now, we're not any better off.

  13. Hello William,

    A hysterical blog like yours deserves many awards. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award.

  14. If Palin bags the nomination, I'm moving to your neck of the woods.


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