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Friday, February 24, 2012

Unbearable Cuteness

Just look at that face. You would do just about anything that kitten asked you to do. Am I right? Of course I am. And that is precisely the way our feline overlords, our masters and mistresses... in short, the ultimate form of life on the planet, use to end us entirely to their will.

We tolerate just about anything and everything they get to doing, even if it means chaos and mayhem might ensue. Even if it costs us a priceless Ming vase. Why? Because we know they're a superior form of life then us lowly humans, and they never let us forget it.

And so today, I thought I'd present another of these image blogs, showing off the epic cuteness and sheer attitude of our feline overlords. All hail the cats, for truly, they are blessed with having such submissive servants as we lowly humans....

Norma found this one a few days back, and I got a kick out if it....

Muffin, of course, is the wisest character in the Pickles strip. As it should be...

Ah, if only... the so called (human) Tiger Mom is a bit of a self absorbed harridan, at least that's what I thought when I heard of her last year....

And so life goes on. Those of us wise enough to accept our place in the greater scheme of things freely acknowledge cats as the supreme form of life on the planet. Those of us who delude ourselves into thinking we're the highest form of life continue to delude ourselves.

And our masters and mistresses watch over us with indifference, waiting for dinner, catnip, or the chance to walk all over that book we're reading and go to sleep. The fact that we were reading is irrelevant.

Coming in Season Four of The Walking Dead....

There's also the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII: Cloak Of The Catnip. No, I'm not kidding. I've seen the script. It starts out with the death of Jar-Jar Binks. Oh, I've said too much. George Lucas is going to have me kneecapped....

Life is always easier when you have minions to do your bidding.

Luciano looks smaller then I expected...

And so I leave you with one last homage to our feline overlords. One that will result in a certain song being stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

You're welcome, by the way.


  1. That's first one looks like a good snack for my dogs.

  2. I've had the distinct impression, for as long as I've known you, that you like cats.

    This confirms it!

  3. OMG on the first pic...that is sooo cute...and I do just want to gobble it up! I love cats...of course, I have two...they drive me right now, one is hanging over my keyboard as I type, I kick him he's terribly cute and my wonderful little pest.

    Great blog, William!!! Love it.

  4. Well, reading that was total joy. So glad I thought to come sit for a moment before making dinner.

    Our last kitty died of old age a few years ago... and we were catless until recently. Two Siamese kittens agreed to come live with us when they were only a couple of months old; they are about six months now. They bring about as much laughter to our household as this blog post, maybe even more.

  5. William... great post today and I so agree with Norma.
    But I think thehamish in The Square Ones post today is just as cute as the first photo and maybe more.
    yert !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Epic cuteness! I agree, even though typically I'm scared of Felus Cattus.

  7. Hey William ~ I found you on Book Blogs and am glad I did. I laughed several times while reading this post. Always a good thing. Thanks. Peggy

  8. Thanks for the chuckles, made my Friday. I am forwarding your post to my cat fanatic friend.

  9. LOL, too funny. Loving the "Well, this sucks" deal.

    Oh, and the first "Epic Cuteness" deal? Way cute!


  10. Great pics! How true about cats! They are quite clever creatures, too. I like the "Sith Lord" and "Minions" pics. Very funny shots. I used to have a couple of cats when I was younger, and they were just as adorable and "naughty."

  11. Yes, we must acknowledge the Power of Cute! Fun post, William.

  12. This was great! I love the catnip thief.

  13. It's always nice to know there are plenty of cat fans out there!

  14. I've always envied the cat's life of eternal naps. Little did I know all I had to do was sign up for the advanced napping seminar.

  15. Cats are cute especially that first one but if I wanted to be around something snooty and stand offish I'd go to my high school reunion!

  16. AHHHH! I want a cat, I want a cat! AHHH!

  17. Kendall to cats of the world: mission accomplished.

  18. I especially like the one about the rats and the sinking ship.

    But I've never had a cat ( dare I say?) so I wouldn't know. I'll take your word for it.

  19. Oh I thought I commented on this already! Oops. Well, I always love a good cat post! Those pics are sooooo funny!


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