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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Dead of Winter

Ah, snow. The most gloriously, deliriously wonderful form of weather one can possibly have. And yes, by the end of this blog, I will be putting coins in the cuss jar for daring to mention such lovely words as snow, frost, blizzard, hail, winter, chill, cold... just read them again to yourselves... aren't they lovely?

For some reason, not everyone likes winter. I don't quite understand that kind of thinking. I mean, what's not to like, being out there in the cold and the chill? It really is the best time of the year, as I've stressed before...

Alas, not everyone loves it. For those of you who don't, take heart. The name of this blog title is taken from the actual term, which means the given day in the winter that the temperature, on average, is lowest. In these parts, we passed the Dead of Winter in late January. So for those of you impatient for spring, just think, on average the days are going to get slightly warmer. I know, that's not a comforting thought when the Great Blizzard of March 2012 shuts down all of North America in three weeks.

Incidentally, The Dead Of Winter would make a rather nice book or chapter title....

And sure, there are certain obsessed golfers who will even play in the snow, as hard as it might be to find the ball....

In Europe this winter, the cold has been taking its toll. This particular image is from a gorge in Germany. I love the way the ice cascades down the wall like that. It looks stunningly beautiful.

Dogs love the snow. A few days back I passed a woman walking her dog, and the dog was deliriously rolling around and playing in the snow, having a great time. It was infectious. Well, not so much for the woman herself, who might have wanted to get in out of the cold....

Just look at that face. And then imagine how wet he's going to be as he thaws out at home....

"Hello, sir, your nose is quite tasty..."

Big kitties love the snow. Look at that face. Just look at it. That tiger is in ecstasy.

"When Hell freezes over...." Well, Hell does freeze over quite a bit during the winter in Michigan. One of these days I have to go see that town....

Okay, not all cats like the snow. These two obviously don't....

With that, I leave you to dash out into the snow like a madman. Though not for long. In a blog soon to be published, I'll be back with Winterlude stuff, the annual salute in Ottawa to the very best season of the year.

Yes, it is the very best season. These two agree, don't you?



  1. The Great Blizzard of 2012? Do not even joke about such things! I agree with the kitty--snow is a four-letter word!

    Love the squirrels!

  2. I love snow! I loved it last Sunday when I opened my door to go to work and et voila - fresh snow covered tundra!! Beautiful! Magical! Chrismassy! Yay!

    It was returning from work when I didn't like it so much. By then the snow had turned mushy, splashy, muddy and THEN it had the audacity to freeze over into ice so the next day - I took my life in my hands and walked very very very very slowly to the train station. Where the trains were up the creek without a paddle - or rather without power! LOL!

    Take care

  3. I think I've been to that place in Germany when it was hot as hell and humid. Can't have everything. Love the cute animal pictures. Seventy two over here folks, come on down and bring your cuss jar funds!

  4. Cuss jar!!! Filled to the brim and over-flowing!!!

    How dare you jest about such things as the blizzard of March 2012...??? Don't make me come to Ottawa!!! Norma and I will come and kidnap you to the warmest place on Earth...that will smarten you up. Oh, and BTW, looking forward to the golf season...

  5. Oh I hope we get a blizzard!!! This year I was kind of hoping for a break from blizzards, but all winter we've yet to have on good snow here, so now I'm dying for a big blizzard...full white out! I keep stocking my pantry each week, hoping to get snowed in for a few days. I know, I'm nuts!

  6. That OK that you like Winter so much...Just remember to keep all that freezing weather up in Canada and just send us some rain. Tucson needs rain !
    I must admit I am thinking of turning the pool on now as our weather has been so warm and nice.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Those two cuddly sheep don't have to ride a motorbike twenty miles to work every day because public transport is obscenely expensive and totally unreliable. No wonder they look so smug.

  8. I love the cold air mixed with blue skies and sunshine. Awww...Florida.

  9. Fun post, William! You are so very right- winter is lovely.

  10. Don't worry about Beth and Norma -- they won't be able to reach you through all the snow.

  11. As a transplant from California to Vermont, I can only agree that winter is beautiful in pictures.

  12. Please keep your snow and cold up in Canada because we have been having a great winter in Wisconsin for a change. I want to go to Michigan, too so I can say I've been to "Hell and back."

  13. When winter finally ends (hopefully sometime in July, not before then), I'll go into my annual period of mourning, missing my very favourite season.

  14. The last photo reminds me of Arthur last year when we had a deep (for us, maybe 3 or4inches) snow. It all collected on the hair of his legs like little whit snow balls. We had to give him a warm bath to get it off. I like the winter. I've been thinking lately that it may be my favorite season for the woods, with or without snow. But nothing has the power to transform any scene into a wonderland like snow (and ice).


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