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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Voice Of The Beast

No, not that beast.

Not that one either.

And not Doctor McCoy, come to think of it...

This has nothing to do with a Patrick Swayze series!

And it has nothing to do with a Peter Benchley novel or adaptation!

Ahem. Yes, I did have a point today. I've done the odd blog here and there on animals, as you may have already noticed. It's a trend I'll come back to from time to time. I thought I'd take the chance today to pass along several blog links to you where animals play a part. Some of them are specifically about animals, others are from the animal's point of view. To my long term readers, you might already know most of these blogs, but to others, they will be fresh. I suggest you give them a look.

First, my partner in crime Norma Beishir writes a blog from the point of view of her late grey cheeked parakeet Sam. It's called Sam's Story. Sam wouldn't let a little thing like dying stop him from making his opinions known, after all. Check it out to see the point of view of a remarkable bird.

At her blog The Life Of A Novice Writer, Shelly regularly gives control of the blog over to her two argumentative dogs, Hairball and SPAL. Check them out; they're really a whole lot of fun when they get to hijacking the blog.

Lynn Benoit writes a blog called Pets And Other Critters. She uses the blog to profile a breed or a type of animal, giving out handy information about critters you wouldn't otherwise know. And from time to time she adds her own artistic talents to the mix.

Angryparsnip writes about a variety of things at her blog Two Square Dogs. From her experiences in Japan to her life in the American southwest, it's all a backdrop for the real stars of the blog, Hamish and Watson, two utterly adorable Scotties.

The Happy Whisk is a fun blog with a great mix of humor and cooking... and regular updates on two adorable dogs that run the gauntlet in the house, Wiggy and Bug... who, from time to time do naughty things that end up with them getting a time out.

Old Kitty regularly blogs at Ten Lives And Second Chances, where her cat (and overlord) Charlie is front and center in photographs, regularly showing off, revelling in all the attention he gets from blog followers.

And Hilary has a blog called Feeling Beachie. There you'll find regular appearances by Alex, the now tailless cat, as he makes his will known upon his household staff.

Give these blogs a look, if you don't already. They're well worth the read!


  1. We need more critter blogs. Animals are often better than people--less judgmental and not given to pettiness.

    Thanks, Partner!

  2. Animals are the best...I love doing the picture blogs with the kitties and puppies and everything inbetween...and, I love reading other peoples blogs about their love of a pet and how that pet affected their lives.

    Great blog, William!

  3. What a nice post. I love animal blogs and can't wait to discover a couple of the new ones I'm not familiar with. Thanks. Oh, and the panda picture is too cute!

  4. I broke out laughing when I saw that pic, Eve. There was another one, but I'm saving that for another cat blog.

  5. First... I have always loved your header photo. I don't know if you ever said where it is but it is Beautiful !
    Thanks for the mention.
    I try not to let The Boys take over the blog like they really want to. They are always plotting an overthrow. Thank goodness they (Hamish) have short attention spans and a love of Chicken Strips ! We are now in negotiations about the Friday blog post as theirs alone and one more Chicken Strip each a day. They are tough negotiators especially when they break out the booboo eyes.
    Must check out the blogs you mention after I finish the six handmade books I said (what was I thinking) I would make.... ack !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I didn't realize there were so many critter blogs out there! The ones I'm familiar with are enjoyable. I'll have to check out the others. Thanks for bringing them to our attention!

  7. Parsnip, that is Cache Lake in Algonquin Park here in Ontario, taken from a clifftop lookout on what's called the Track And Tower trail. It's an absolutely gorgeous spot.

  8. @Maria: I'm certain there are lots more!

  9. Very nice. Makes a person want to have a pet. Or at least post about a pet.

  10. Beast blogs are fun! I'm excited to learn about some I haven't checked out yet. Thanks for the mention, William!

  11. Of course, we also have the adventures of Hairball and Sir Poops-a-lot

  12. LOL... love the panda pic. Thanks for all the great links!! :)

  13. Lost of beastie voices! I do love Old Kitty's blog. I know a few of the others, too.

  14. Er, 'lots'. What can I say? It's Friday.

  15. Ha ha! That panda pic is so cute. And great new design!:)

  16. Wow, seeing that pic of the old Beauty and the Beast show brings back memories . . . until they killed the show. Damn Linda Hamilton was hot. She still looks good.

  17. I'll check them out. I think I used to enjoy Shelly's blog when I used to spend more time at the WD site. She must have slipped through the cracks. I always love to hear from the animals.


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