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Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome To Canada, And No, We Don't Set Our Elderly Out On Ice Floes. Just Jaywalkers.

While I was out and about spending my Canada Day among a frenzy of patriotic Canucks (it happens), I thought I'd have an image blog for you. A full report shall follow later on in the day, once my head clears up a bit.  Prince William and Princess Catherine (Wills and Kate) have arrived in Canada for their first official tour. In the next few days, they'll be crisscrossing the country, avoiding Toronto (no photo ops for Fat Bastard, the Mayor), heading to Prince Edward Island (Kate's a fan of Anne of Green Gables, you see), stopping in Quebec and Alberta. 

As I wrote this on Thursday, they made their arrival at the airport here in Ottawa, coming downtown to place a wreath at the National War Memorial, which was dedicated by Will's great-grandparents King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. 

As you can see, it was very busy at the Memorial.  I'm there somewhere in the crowd. As a matter of fact, I got a fairly decent view of the wreath laying.  It was rather amusing watching the press photographers rushing to get in place to take pictures as the newlyweds made their way up towards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. That said, however, to borrow a phrase from the Bard.... a long lens camera! A long lens camera! My kingdom for a long lens camera!

Aside from the obligatory politicians, there were a good number of veterans on hand, and the newlyweds mingled and chatted. The Last Post sounded out across the square, and Will and Kate met the public. It's a fairly friendly crowd, as you can see....

And so the Royal Tour has begun. They're taking part in activities for Canada Day, including stops at Parliament Hill, the Museum of Civilization, and the War Museum during their stay here. Great Big Sea is among the acts entertaining the crowd and the Royals for July 1st. I wonder if the Duke and Duchess like the sound of Captain Kidd or The Old Black Rum.....

That's it for me (and here I thought this week was going to be light for me, blogwise). When next I turn up, it'll be with an after-action report, and a hangover. And I say that as someone who doesn't even drink. Tylenol shall be the order of the day on Saturday....


  1. Needed a zoom lens, huh? AND a Tylenol?

    I watched the William and Kate coverage on TV--you'll be happy to know that our Entertainment Tonight reporters chatted with your ET reporters (call for Lars Ulrich!) about the festivities, including the fact that Kate chose a dress by a Canadian designer. I thought I saw you in the crowd a couple of times, but the image was too fleeting to be sure.

    Great Big Sea kind of reminds me of the Warriors Three from Thor....

  2. Great Big Sea is hands down, the most fun you can have at a concert.

  3. Great post about the royals in Ottawa. Thank you.
    Norma, did you see a shine or a hat? If William wore a hat then it might not have been him-almost everyone had on a hat or a beret. LOL

  4. ...and he wears baseball caps or bandanas in the sun....

  5. I was wearing a bandanna for good parts of yesterday, with a Canada theme to it.

  6. I loved these photos. Nice blog. Honestly, she looks like a responsible intelligent woman. They make a wonderful couple. I think their future is told in these pics.

  7. William, wish I could have been there...alas, someone had to look after the crazy people...and I'm not talking about the patients either...LOL

    For someone who has a hangover, and doesn't drink, I'd like to know what you were partaking in, young man...LOL

    Looks like a lot of fun. We went to a fireworks display here in town and we always put on a fairly decent display for being small town. I think it usually last about 15 minutes here, so it was good. Plus, in the next town over, we could actually see there's too as we were watching our own. Fabulous!

    Maybe next year, we can make it to the Nations capital for the festivities...

  8. I'm with Beth, wondering what exactly you have a hangover from if you don't drink.
    Well, I think me and Kate could be best buds...I love Anne of Green Gables too!:)
    Norma, William with a fedora, huh? Well, I broke down and bought some yesterday, Norma. You inspired me w/all your pics wearing cool hats. I'll have to post pics eventually. All you guys have a fun weekend!:)

  9. Every time I see the royal family I'm reminded of how thankful I am that I'm not famous with thousands of people following me around.

  10. Aha, well I have just returned to England after spending five weeks in British Columbia. The royal couple very wisely made sure they were not in Canada at the same time as me. Wouldn't want to overshadow their trip. The again, to be totally sure, they evidently weren't going to visit BC, anyway.
    Hope all my Canadian friends and family had a peaceful and positive Canada Day, eh.
    Man, do I miss Tim Hortons.
    Take care, eh, Gary :)

  11. I think they make a darn cute couple. Nice to know that Kate has good taste in literature.


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