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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh, My Head... Some Maple Syrup! Now, Damn It, Now!!! Forget A Glass, Just Give Me The Bottle!

Sir John A. MacDonald and the national symbol crack a cold one....

Pretty appropriate, all considered....

Canada Day is done for another year. The special guests, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were present on Parliament Hill for both the noon hour and evening shows, and the crowd loved them. In the morning, they were present at a citizenship ceremony at the Museum of Civilization.....

The Evil One watches the young royals in silence, plotting the day when he can make his move and become Emperor Stephen the First, tyrannical Supreme Majestor of Canada....

It was a long day, but as always, a good one. I got together with friends, and we went to four museums here in Ottawa and Gatineau, starting with the War Museum, which at the moment is housing a temporary exhibit on war and medicine (don't eat anything in advance, trust me). The new building's been in place for a few years now, and if you're in the area, check it out.

From there it was onto downtown, which predictably was packed, so we shifted to the Museum of Nature, which was reopened last year with more galleries and a glass tower that compliments what's essentially a castle in our midst. And the blue whale skeleton has to be seen to be believed....

From there it was onto the National Gallery. We had to wait a bit to get there, though. Sussex Drive was closed to pedestrian traffic to allow the motorcade through. We had a good view of the Duchess, who was waving to the cheers of a lot of people. After the road opened up, it was into the Gallery, which was packed. For those of you who know who I'm talking about, this is the sort of place where you'll find a great number of Group of Seven paintings, not to mention that Voice of Fire painting they bought in the nineties for a million and change, which, of course, consists of three stripes. I've said it before: I could paint that!

 There's a Caravaggio exhibit this summer, which I have to get to. You may not know the name, but he influenced practically every artist who came after him with his style and use of shadow and light. Below you'll see his Saint John the Baptist....

After dashing through the gallery, it was off to the Museum of Civilization (yes, we're civilized Canucks) on the Quebec side of the Gatineau River. Again, very, very busy. We spent time there, wandered among the exhibits inside, and in my own case, ran my legs into an unseen stone sitting bench in the Japan special exhibit. Ouch came to mind, along with a few choice curse words.

 From there, it was back across the river, to the National Arts Centre, for an evening concert of music. It was a mix of choral music, orchestra, jazz soloists. Finally, from there, we headed off to one of the better vantage points in the city for fireworks viewing: Majors Hill Park. And we were not disappointed. The fireworks this year were tremendous as always.

And so Canada Day is done once more. And yes, I do feel like I've got a hangover. Though I don't drink, and certainly didn't yesterday. It's the hecticness of the day that does that. It's a long day, but also a good one. We get to be lunatics for a day. In a good way, of course.

Of course, the tylenol helps tremendously with the morning after headache....

The Bear Cavalry, Churchill Detachment, Manitoba


  1. Call the Jedi! Emperor Palpatine's getting too close to Anakin and Padme! Oh...that's William and Kate.

    I love her red hat with the maple leaf design. And love the photos. Great blog, as always!

  2. Looked like a fun day and beautiful weather for it too.

  3. Wow, all of those buildings are so incredibly beautiful!

  4. I've never been to any of the museums there but would like to one day. You've done a wonderful job featuring Ottawa. It looked like a great day.

    Mmmm, maybe next year...

  5. looks a lot like America's Fourth of July.

  6. Maybe it's a sugar high from the maple syrup.
    My favorite museum is in Victoria, Canada. I have a small piece about it on
    Love your post and I guess the duchess will have to grow accustomed to hats.

  7. Great photos William! The Canada Day celebrations were not as epic in my town... one of these days I must make it to the Nation's capital for the big day. But, I did enjoy the company of friends and a great fireworks show over Columbia Lake. :)

  8. I'm jealous! I always miss Ottawa on Canada Day.


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