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Thursday, June 30, 2011

North Of The Border And Slightly Around The Bend

Tomorrow is Canada Day here in the land of the Great White North. It's traditionally a day of celebration, even if we're under the iron fisted rule of a schoolyard thug at the moment (had to get in a dig against the FrankenHarper monster).

Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Ottawa is ground zero for the festivities, and being a local, I'll be there scrambling about among the many thousands who crowd the downtown core for the first of July. And William & Kate are turning up too, their first official tour since that whole get together they did in April. Perhaps you saw it?

We'll try to behave ourselves. At least we'll do better then the Vancouver post-Stanley Cup fiasco, which still weighs heavily on our collective conscience...

Canada, second biggest country on the planet, and home to some of the most jaw dropping gorgeous scenery. And, of course, that means we must be represented by our national animal, the beaver, who spend their time building gigantic dams, making little beavers, and skating on frozen ponds, when they're not picking fights with dogs....

What are you looking at, bub?

Of course, there's always the more friendly local wildlife turning up at your tent in the morning....

I should take this time to render a formal apology to the world. We are, of course, the nation that unleashed Justin Bieber on the world, after all.... 

Not to mention Celine Dion.....

I know, I know, cardinal sins against humanity. On the other hand, England gave us the Spice Girls and George Michael, while America brought forth into the world the abominations of Britney, Lindsay, and Miley, so let's just say we're even.

Besides, we've more then made up for it with Sarah McLachlan, who is, of course, a goddess of music.

It'll be a busy day tomorrow, no doubt. And chaotic, though in a good way.
To my fellow Canucks, at home and abroad, Happy Canada Day! To everyone else, I will confirm for you now that yes, maple syrup does run in our veins with blood. It's a rather unique mutation of the species homo sapien canadianesis.

Prince Edward Island
Quebec City
Algonquin Park, Ontario
Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba
Jasper National Park, Alberta
Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories
Tofino, British Columbia


  1. Thanks for the lovely photos and we're sorry about Britney, Lindsey and Miley...but come on William, bikini wearing hockey players are going to tilt the scales....Oh well--Happy Canada Day to you!

  2. Love the pics, as always. And I just knew you'd have to get in your shots at Harper and Bieber...but Celine???

    I'm waiting for the photo blog of Canada Day 2011. Get a lot of good ones!

    Your national critter's the beaver, huh?

  3. You always have the best photos ! Love the last line on the fourth one, about not being as perfect as you thought you were, aww reality hurts ! but I think if your not perfect your pretty darn close. I have loved every trip I took to Canada !
    I love the very cute little Beavers. On one camping trip I got to see some working on a dam and I was hooked. I could have watched them for hours. Kinda' did come to think of it.

    Happy Canada Day ! Yaaa Hooo ! from Tucson...

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Love the pics - both the scenery and the tongue in cheek variety! I spent one Canada day in Ottawa on Parliament Hill and it was the best ever.

  5. Oh ... and did I mention we are really, Really, REALLY sorry about that Vancouver riot fiasco?

  6. I'll be doing an after-action blog on Saturday too; I'll be gathering photos from various online spots. This is what I get for still using film....

    And since Will and Kate's visit is tied into all that, their arrival today will figure into all that. I got to see the wreath laying at the War Memorial.

  7. I really crack up when you say you still use film. Can we all please pool together and start a "Digital Camera for William Fund"?
    Anyway, those pics are so beautiful. I really want to see so many places there.
    I just might get to go to Gettysburg again on Saturday for their reenactment events...turns out it's quite expensive this weekend though.:(

  8. Great blog, and Happy Canada Day!!! I love the first pic...That is us to a tee!

    I had to work, so now I'm catching up. I've also done the photo montage of our provinces and the festive festivities in Ottawa...wish I could be there...but have to work again.

    Yes, and sorry about Bieber and Dion....ick!

  9. Great blog, William. I love the photos. What an amazingly beautiful country.
    Happy Canada Day to you.

  10. You forgot to mention that Sarah McLaughlin is also hot.

  11. William....
    Since your always posting some great cartoon, check out "The Barn" by Ralph Hagen. Today the little sheep Rory is singing a rousing version Of "Oh Canada"
    Can't wait to see how he mangles ours.

    cheers, parsnip

  12. Um, hello?! You missed out my home province of Nova Scotia!

    Happy Canada Day!


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