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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spotlight: April Morone

I thought I'd take time today to spotlight one of my friends and a fellow member of the Writers of Mass Distraction. April Morone is a poet and writer who I've gotten to know first through mutual friends, and from there in the online world of fellow writers. She has her own blog, Life's Surprises that she looks in on from time to time, so check that out and put her on follow. She also writes at From The Heart and Wonderful Writers I Admire

April is a sensitive soul who's had to deal with more then her fair share of challenges in life. She has a great gift for poetry, and a welcoming, open presence. I've gotten to know her through Writers Digest Community, where she has established a group called Poetry Corner. She'll often grace us with her own beautiful poems and writings, and she's welcoming to those who come to her group.

I'm not at all a poet. I have no gift for it, and I often think that even my comments aren't adequate to the occasion. For April, that doesn't matter. As long as we say something, it's good. The artist, so to speak, likes to know their work is appreciated.

Aside from Writers' Digest, she's branched out into Facebook, where Poetry Corner can easily be found under her other nom de guerre, Annika Doe.

April has a lot going on in her life right now, and it might be easy to step away from things like Poetry Corner. Instead, she continues to write, to give her readers a taste of beautiful poetry.

While she handles an ongoing work in progress, she already has a book at Amazon. From the Heart: Poems is a collection of some of her works. If you enjoy poetry or know someone who does, pick this one up. You'll enjoy it, and you'll enjoy getting to know April.


  1. This is wonderful, William! Can I repost it to my blog?

  2. Very nice spotlight! I envy people who write poetry well.

  3. That was an excellent blog, William. I am also lacking in the poetry department. I did write some for my books but, they never rhyme and they only make sense to the story...I would never be able to write a poem for someone. She has a gift (as do others in WMD) and you've represented her well here!

  4. BTW, yes, we all do like having a comment made to our sites...even if it's just a kind word. Very well said.

  5. William,
    Ty, hon, very much for this post you did about me. I am very honoured and pleasantly surprised by your blog post about me. I love poetry, people, and life. And so, I write about that and about what I've experienced or seen experienced in life, people's situations, and in love. William, while you might not write poetry, you have a gift of writing that clearly shows in your stories you write from what I have read from parts of your stories. I, however, do not, even though I am attempting to write a novel. I recommend your books to my family and friends, and I let them know that I know that you write so well. I've told them all about your writing, Norma's books, Beth's books, and about all books I've read that I like cus you all are great writers, and I want others to enjoy everyone's books and good writing, as well. :) Ty for mentioning me on here. :) I guess it is about time that I write blog posts about everyone and everyone's great writing and stories, too, huh? :) I am trying to play catch up with everything, and kept forgetting to do that. Lol. But, I will try to get this started, this week. :) I like the idea ou all have done, as well, about guest blogging. I would like to start this, as well. :)

  6. Wow...I feel like an airhead...April is Annika! Now I know! Great post!

  7. Don't laugh, Norma! No, I totally didn't know!

  8. Perfect person to spotlight. This was a wonderful look at April.

  9. April is a very talented poet. That poem she sent the other day is absolutely awesome.


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