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Monday, June 6, 2011

Doctor Death, Meet The Grim Reaper

Jack Kevorkian died last week, of natural causes, after many years and a jail term for committing doctor assisted suicides. Now I won't go into a serious discussion of the pros and cons of doctor assisted suicide (aside from suggesting that my idiot ex-brother-in-law ought to give it a try), because let's face it... the subject is like waving a red flag in front of a bull for a lot of people.

Rumor has it Jack got started early on in the business of death.

As you can imagine, his death got the editorial cartoonists busy.

The question remains... when Death came for Doctor Kevorkian, did he look the way we imagine him? Like one of these artistic renditions of the Grim Reaper?

Well, maybe not this one. I doubt Death likes looking garish.

Does Death have a Che fixation?

Perhaps Death really does play chess, like Ingmar Bergman suggested?

Or does Death look like Brad Pitt, in Meet Joe Black (which incidentally has one of the more frustrating ending of films in the last twenty years. If they'd just ended it with Pitt and Hopkins walking over the bridge and fading to credits, that would have been fine, but no, they had to tack on an ending that has all the hallmarks of a studio interference decision by committee that completely ruins the film)? Does Death spend his time discovering the pleasures of eating peanut butter and seducing a tycoon's daughter?

It might just be me, but I think Death looks like this fellow....

Just blew your mind, didn't I? You'll never look at The Cosby Show the same way again.

Death has many of the same issues to deal with that you and I have. Like settling in to rest after a long day of work, and chatting with their significant other. Which reminds me... can Grim Reapers have sex?

From time to time... even Death can be cheated.

Death comes for us all. Even things you wouldn't expect to die....

Always maintain your priorities, people....

Remember the stories about that cat in a nursing home that always knew when someone was about to die?

Are cats angels of death?

If they are... we're through the looking glass, people!!!!


  1. Very cute, William. I love the Grim Reaper saying he isn't worthy...!
    Too funny....not about the death but the sure do know how to pick em'...

  2. Personally, I'm hoping for an Angel of Death more like those in Touched By An Angel. These guys are scary.

    I love these toons....

  3. Smiles. Giggles. And more smiles. Funny because today I feel like death. Really.

  4. 2nd to last cat pic gets my vote as today's best. Seriously, where would the internet be without lol cats? NOT IN MY HOUSE, that's where! :0)

  5. Gotta love Gallows Humour! My favourite was the one with the Grim Reaper and the fries. Too funny!

  6. Don't worry William, I'll be seeing you on the other side! Wait, that was the Far Side, remember that? I bet you do. Funny stuff!

  7. I can't seem to pick a favorite. Those are all so funny!

  8. What a grim subject today, William. hey I love 'Meet Joe Black' although you are right about the ending.

  9. Funny post William! Yes, Jack is finally dead, even though he's looked it for years.

  10. There was a TV series called Dead Like Me... and the opening credits showed Death... in the office punching a time clock, walking the dog playing basketball... it always cracked me up. It was a hoot plus I liked the show. Naturally it was canceled. . .

    cheers, parsnip

  11. I liked the one about the fries, too, but I also laughed out loud at the Cosby pic! (The 'penguin' one was pretty funny too!

  12. I burst out laughing at the Reaper having a sense of humor.

  13. I loved the picture of cheating death. Funny pics!

  14. Death is funny! Deep down, all comedians knew it.


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