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Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Only Another Seventeen Months Until The Next Presidential Election

And so I'm kicking off the first of an occasional series of blogs, what with the never ending cycle of elections for our neighbours to the south. 2012 is shaping up to be a strange one, and while there's a lot of activity among Republican candidates, there's not too much (yet) on the Democrat side. Either President Obama is well liked by potential rivals, or Hillary realizes how much of an impediment her husband (Bubba to his pals) really is....

Meanwhile, the editorial cartoonists have plenty to work with.

Ghosts of Republicans Past have returned, in the form of Newt Gingrich. Really, you'd think he'd have changed his name by now. How does one expect to be taken seriously with the name Newt? Of course, that's one reason Huckabee dropped out early. He knows there's no chance of anyone ever taking seriously a President Huckabee.

Oh, Huck! Huck! Tarnation, where is that chief executive?

In the meantime, both sides in Congress shall continue the never ending partisan bickering that, on occasion reminds us of children throwing temper tantrums. With less dignity, of course.

And speaking of weird names.... Mitt? Mitt???

Not to mention Pawlenty...

And we can't forget the Mama Grizzly, as much as we'd like to....

It's going to be a long seventeen months. Less so now, but still.....


  1. You've really got a grasp of US politics, partner. Unfortunately, most of them really ARE bozos.

    But our late-night comics are thrilled.

    Great blog, as always. Love the toons!

  2. Doesn't this make you wish you were one of us? LOL

  3. Another great blog! Of course, if I were American, I know who I'd vote for...But, I'd probably make an ass of myself...LOL

  4. Loved the ransom notes. Hate election years.

  5. Ok, the first and the last were the best. I love when you do these.

  6. Okay, that one about the budget negotiations should actually have the Connecticut politicians in it.

  7. 17 MONTHS?!?!

    Let's just bypass it all and face the bitter truth: Obama, that ongoing nightmare intent on steering our entire country over what must be one big honkin' cliff, WILL win the Presidency in 2012. That's my official prediction, and a look at the Republican candidates only confirms that. So why put us through another election season?

  8. Thank God there's an ocean separating me from all that!

  9. Here's hoping for the fastest 18 months ever... sigh

  10. Wow! These are so funny I can't wait to share them with my husband. Some times it seems like it will be forever...but lets just keep each other company and occupied and hopefully time will fly...*tick, tick, tick...* wait, it's not over yet! $&!T!!@


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