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Saturday, May 28, 2011

No, They Can't Keep Their Zippers Up

First, a bit of business. If you haven't seen it, check out Norma's review of my work in progress at her blog Windchaser's Journey, which can be found here. It's one of several blogs my friend and partner in crime keeps, including several for her books. You can find them here:

You've Got To Be Kidding
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Check them out, and if you haven't already got her on follow, particularly with the book blogs, do so. She's a terrific, entertaining writer with a great sense of humor. You'll enjoy her blogs.

Now then... to the subject at hand today...

Yes, Arnold the former Governator is in a wee bit of trouble. Apparently for the last few years he's done a considerable amount of his thinking with an organ that's not between his ears, but south of the beltline, if you follow. And so his marriage is over, his reputation is in tatters, and he's got another kid that he never acknowledged with a rather... homely maid. Needless to say, Maria had enough. She can take Arnold to the cleaners in divorce court if she wishes.

It's a common thing among politicians, unfortunately. As we've seen with former President Clinton, the Kennedy boys, and John (not the psychic) Edwards, it doesn't take long for these fellows to start chasing everything in a skirt. And for some inexplicable reason, these guys are like a magnet to some women. Like moths to a flame.

Now it's Arnold's turn to become the punchline of the week, month, and year for his own skirt chasing habits. It goes back long before his political days, of course. I suspect there's a deleted scene from Terminator III Rise of The Machines, with Nick Stahl and Schwarzenegger talking. Nick, playing future savior of mankind John Conner, says this:

"You mean there was never any hope. We could never stop it. We could never prevent Judgment Day from happen... hey! Would you stop shagging that maid?"

Well, the editorial cartoonists have been having fun at Arnold's expense, as you can see...

Of more worrying concern, of course, is the case of Dominique Strauss Kahn, the former head of the IMF and one time expected rival for the presidency of France, who was recently arrested and perp-walked on sexual assault charges in New York following a complaint from a maid that he had assaulted her. The police and prosecutors have taken the matter quite seriously. DSK as he's often known is currently awaiting the outcome of proceedings against him. While of course he's innocent until proven guilty, there's enough sleaze in his background that it makes one wonder how he got this far in life.

 He's been humiliated in the eyes of the world by, in his mind, those lower people daring to have the audacity to arrest him of all people, and treat him like a common criminal. The French, meanwhile, are far more offended by his treatment then by the serious charges against him.

Apparently to the French, this kind of thing is perfectly acceptable.

Now then, to that other sex scandal about to blow up, one that will horrify legions of fans when they realize a simple biological fact about their beloved fictional character. I'll let this speak for itself. If the fans in question would like to have me burned at the stake, they'll have to get in line. Barbra Streisand fans are after me too.


  1. Beth's gonna kill you!

    I like those cloven hooves. Subtle, but speaks volumes.

    And thank you for that top-of-the-blog plug. I'll reciprocate on my next blog. (I should have included your blog link on the review....)

  2. Love the toons....even the Twilight one.

    It must be a political pre-requisite that you be able to be unfaithful to your spouse.

    I'd like to know one political person who hasn't been....

    Great blog.

  3. Love the comics, as always you find the best ones but no more twilight anything please.
    I could rant for hours why these books/movies are so wrong on so many levels but... it's your blog and I wouldn't do that.
    I too like the cloven hoof reference.

    Have a great weekend !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Must be something in those government cafeterias.
    Very funny blog post.

  5. People are unfaithful everyday but no one ever hears about the regular Jacks and Jills because the media doesn't latch onto it. It's just as wrong as when politicians and celebrities do it. And I say, who cares? If they want to be unfaithful that's their perogative and they're private life. Why should it affect their political career/reputation? People loved him as the governator and if his private life doesn't affect how he ran California then leave the chastising to his wife and god.

  6. The worst part is that it went on so long behind Maria's back. What a major insult by him and his lover. He deserves worse than he's getting.
    Hey, I love vampires, but I've asked this question a billion times. I guess seeing is believing.

  7. Also, deeply embarrassed because I thought I was following all of Norma's blogs, I have now taken care of the ones I forgot.
    Thank you, William, for listing them.
    Sorry, Norma

  8. This cracked me up! Thanks for the much needed laugh! I do a weekly wrap up on Sundays where I link to my favorite posts of the week and would like to include this one with your permission.

    ~ Sharon from Mama's Turn Now

  9. Well...the vampires on True Blood seem to have NO trouble at all getting erections.

  10. I love Norma's blogs. Oh, Arnie. There really no are words. Besides this one: scumbag.

  11. Funny stuff William. But watch out ladies because skirt chasing would-be casanovas, well, as Arnold says "I'll be back".

  12. What a mess, eh? Arnold got himself into some serious poo. But hey, nothing new, right? Politicians have been doing it for like ... ever!


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