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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Green Bay Packers Versus...Who's The Other Team Again?

It's that day again. Super Bowl Sunday. The pregame festivities are already underway down there in Dallas, the game's still a few hours as of this writing, the half game show's undergoing final run throughs, Janet Jackson's nowhere to be seen, and around countless televisions, a Super Bowl party is underway. Lots to eat for hours on end, lots of loud yelling at the television, lots of is that friggin' ref blind??? still to come, lots of commercials, lots of hype and glitz.

And I could care less.

Full disclosure: I'm not much of a sports fan. I like hockey and baseball, I understand how the game is played, I can enjoy a game, but I don't follow them religiously, as many do. I don't like football. I don't see the point of it, never have and never will. It's boring. It's slow and tedious. It seems to go on forever and ever. And yet in towns in America, thousands of people will come out to see a high school football game. Why? It's a mystery.

And of course for some reason millions of people want to watch a bloated, overrated, dull final game of the season. Maybe it's the game itself. Or the half time show (note to musical acts: jamming with other musicians tends to come off looking really awkward; you're not supposed to have that many overinflated egos on stage at one time). Maybe it's just the commercials. Super Bowl ads tend to be creative. At least they are in the US. Canadian broadcasters insist on using Canadian ads. So we have to rely on web links for something like The Force. That's a fairly creative commercial,  and a funny one, and thanks to Norma for letting me know about it.

Still, what's the point to the whole thing? Hours and hours and hours of pregame chatter, meaningless yakking from former players who took one too many hits to the head, or drunkards who are having tailgate parties, or commentators who are already plastered. I don't know. The pregame must be an ordeal for anyone foolish enough to sit through it. Maybe the booze helps.

This came from today's Non Sequitur, and it gave me a laugh. And the thing is, you could do all of this in the time it takes from start up to finally kick off....

Well, to those of you who are settling into watching the mindless game in the hours ahead, I shake my head in dismay. You're welcome to it. To those of you who will keep the TV on to watch that cheesy abomination called Glee afterwards, I ask... why do you like the equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard?

And by the way, if you're about to point out the pointlessness of the sport so beloved by so many Canadians, that being curling, you can save it. I hate that one too. And no, I can't explain the rules. It's a mystery.


  1. William, I couldn't agree more. I understand all the games, but I hate watching them. I agree football and basketball are both boring and tedious to watch...same with baseball. And, of course, it would be helpful if there were a Canadian hockey team that was worth watching.

    As you said, we don't get to see the 'creative' commercials up here, so why bother watching?

    BTW, love the demotivational pictures...

    However, you can't lump golf in with these other's not's fun!!! LOL

    Good blog, William.

  2. Blasphemy!

    Football is the greatest sport known to Man. And watching it is a wholly enjoyable experience that includes delicious fattening food like my sausage cheese dip, hot wings and 7 layer dip. It includes cocktailing with beers, wine and friends. It includes watching records being broken; epic plays and history go down before your very eyes. It would only be better (much) if the Patriots and Tom Brady played in every game (especially today's).

    I'd invite you to my party today William, but I don't think you'd appreciate it! ;)

  3. I knew I'd get into trouble for this one....

    I'm with Twain on the matter of golf, Beth. He did say that golf is a good walk wasted.

  4. I'm with you, William. I'm not a football fan...or a baseball, hockey or basketball fan, for that matter. I only tune in to the Super Bowl for the commercials. I did watch the year our Rams won, but the Rams even getting into the SB ranks up there with the parting of the Red Sea as miraculous events go.

    I want a Plee T-shirt!

  5. The only thing I can think of is that after all the cold weather any reason to get out of the house and drink beer with friends, strangers and toss in a few enemies and you have a fun afternoon.
    Super Bowl has grown so big that it has devoured itself and has become less about football and more about a show.

    I like Baseball and if you really want to have a fun time go see a Hanshin Tigers Game in Osaka, The fans have the best time and it is a hoot !

    I saw the Non Sequitur today and loved it !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. @William-No, golf is not a good walk wasted...I get my exercise, get to swear (cause I can't do that at home), and I get to have a few laughs with my friends. We cheat immensely in golf, so it makes it more enjoyable. You might actually enjoy yourself, William, if you came out to play with my friends and I...LOL

  7. C'mon guys. It's the superbowl, can't we all just get along and enjoy this gladiatorial spectacle? What's not to love about watching someone lose their spleen.

  8. @Karla-there's always the 'tight ends' to watch too...LOL Although, some are tighter than others...LOL


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