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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winterlude: Over Already? That's Not Fair!

Yes, once more Winterlude has come to an end here in Ottawa and Gatineau, and I for one will miss it. It's a festival that brings in hundreds of thousands each year to skate on the Rideau Canal, to take in the city, and to celebrate the best weather Canada has to offer. Yes, I'm talking about the winter, quiet, you summer worshippers.... Goodbye, Ice Hogs who look like chipmunks....

One of the basic staples of Winterlude is the Beavertail, which, contrary to what you might think, is neither something kinky or a part of an actual beaver. It's a flat pastry, fried and covered with a variety of toppings. It's a business that's been around awhile, here in Ottawa, and if you pay a visit here, you have to try one out. There are permanent locations in the city, and numerous booths set up for festivals and big days like Canada Day.

I only got over to the other side of the Ottawa River, to Jacques Cartier Park in Gatineau, on the weekend, where I was dismayed to find that the snow sculptures were absent this year. It's actually my favourite part of the entire festival, sculpture teams from all provinces and territories carving out blocks of snow into art forms. Instead, there were a couple about in what's generally a children's play area, with giant snow slides built in the park, right beside the frozen river.

And so once again, time to put away the celebrations for another year. It doesn't mean the winter's over, of course. There's still all of March. And April. And May. And even June.


  1. Over already?

    First, those beautiful ice sculptures, and now, delicious-looking food. I wish we had a Winterlude here. It would make the snow, ice and bitter cold bearable!

  2. If you can't beat winter, you might as well thoroughly enjoy it.

  3. Winterlude sounds wonderful! I skate in a dang arena. You Canadians sure know how to enjoy winter!

  4. Hi William, first time visitor ... Being from Michigan I've heard about Winterlude before. Looks like a lot of fun. I miss the seasonal changes, even winter. Thanks for the pics!

  5. Brr, William. Looks like fun, but I'd have to watch it on TV. The seasons should be celebrated everywhere. We all need fun in our lives and happiness. I'd say it was a great blog, but I'm shivering too much, thinking of that cold. Brr

  6. Over here in the states we call'em elephant ears ... basically the same thing, a bunch of lard. MM, mm, mm!

    Looks like a beautiful place tho!

  7. Into June? You sound entirely too cheerful at the prospect. Do you even get spring in Ottawa?

  8. Hey dude,
    How's it goin' eh? Speaking of Ottawa and you might not care, do you reckon you might get another CFL team in Ottawa or what eh?
    Take care and awesome pictures, by the way!
    Kind wishes, Gary :)

  9. The Tohono O'odham people near Tucson make a very tasty Fry Bread that looks similar to your Beavertails.
    The Winterlude look like great fun and the photos were terrific.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Sadness... but at least it returns every year. I've never had a Beaver Tail but they look delicious. They always have them at the maple syrup festival in the town near where I live.

  11. Oh Karla...don't let him fool ya...there's no winter in June...maybe May, though...LOL

    William, love the pictures and I miss the Beavertails...hope you ate one for me! One day, we'll have to come for a's been about 14 years since hubby and I were there...I'm not a very good skater, though...I keep having to sit down to rest my achey feet.

  12. Hey William: THat thing with the Reeses Pieces and I guess mustard sqirted on it, made my stomach turn. Ewwwe.

    Anyway, no matter how cold it gets in Florida, its still summer. We're having early spring and every kind of pollen, dust and mold are out like little fairies. Feel like these sweet little fairies have crawled into my sinus cavities. Really. :0

  13. Another thing on my To Do List when I get up there. Beavertail.

  14. Ohh The Beaver Tail looks yummy. I wonder if it is anything like Indian Frybread...hungry now, thanks.

  15. I've never actually learned how to skate, but the Canal surface is really easy to walk on, and close to home, so I make a lot of use of it.

    It is a lot of fun, and Donna? The cold's good for you!

    The beavertails are indeed delicious. The one with the reeces pieces? That's either cinammon cream or maple cream, not mustard! It wouldn't sell well if it was mustard. Though there's an east coast variant that uses lobster sauce...

    @Klahanie: unfortunately there'll probably be a football team again. Which inevitably will fold in a few years. I don't like the game, and I live near the stadium they're looking to refurbish for the new team.


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