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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Canadian Mythology

Canada Day is upon us. To my fellow Canadians, a Happy Canada Day. I have an image blog for the occasion. To those beyond our borders, I say this: it does not snow all year in Canada.

We get above freezing temperatures for one half of an afternoon in July.


  1. Happy Canada Day, William, eh! These are so much fun. I've always loved visiting Canada.

  2. Happy Canada Day William, ice diving oh that would be cold lol!

  3. Oh William Happy Canada Day ! I have loved every time I visited.
    Your post today is Fabulous, adore the sweet Dog singing and because of you I am a Maple Leaf Fan and of course our very own Tucson Roadrunners of the AHL !

  4. LOL, I heard it's 120 degrees Fahrenheit in Canada. Have fun either way!

    1. In the west it's bad. A wildfire in BC destroyed a village.

  5. A belated Happy Canada Day, William!


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