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Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Dreaded Cranky Rodent Forecast

Groundhog Day is upon us, and for some reason some believe a jittery rodent's forecast will tell the tale for the rest of the winter, when the simple fact is the winter will last for weeks more to come. Anyway, I have an image blog for the occasion.


  1. All my children were born on the not so big holidays. Oldest Son was born on this day. So I like to flood him with all sorts of Groundhog stuff.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. No belief in this stupid stuff and ignore it completely. If I could post a Grumpy look here, I would. (:

  3. Dammit Jim, I'm a groundhog not a meteorologist.

    1. I think I've used a different take on that one in previous years!

  4. Phil didn't see his shadow...but that may just be because of all the death threats he received last year!

  5. "Pray I do not alter it further." Come to the dark side of meteorology.


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